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does the ablation really help?
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does the ablation really help?

I am a 33 year old women who was diagnosed with svt when I was 16, I have many episodes of palpitations my doctors have tried me on numerous medications and it has not shown any signs of helping, I am going in to talk to my doctor about doing the ablation but I am a little nervous about the procedure how long will it take and will i be in the hospital do u get to go home the same day or do they make u stay the night for observations as well as how long u have to stay off work. any reply would be helpful.
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If you have P.O.T.S., ablation is not recommended, but you say you have S.V.T..  

I believe with S.V.T. ,many find ablation helpful when more conservative therapy measures fail.  I hope you got your answers from someone else, as this post is over a week old?
Hi I too had atrial tach (svt) ,and I had a cryoablation last august 19th.So far I have had no svt,only minor quick little bursts of a second or two and then its gone.

Svt has a fairly high success rate over 90% also depending on where it is.

Its normal to be nervous about the whole procedure,but surprisingly I was not too nervous the day of the procedure,but I was definitely ready for it.I suffered with atrial tach since my 20s and afib

It became quite an annoyance not knowing when it was going to happen,and it literally controlled every aspect of my life.My svt was on the left side of my heart near the av node which my doctor said was pretty rare.Of course I had to be the rare case of course.

He couldnt ablate right on the spot because it was very close to my av node within mm,so he had to go around it.My main fear was that they would damage the av node,and I would end up with a pacemaker,but he assured me that he would not ablate if too close to the av node,so he didnt.I have to say he did a great job!

I traveled to boston,mass to brighams womens hospital for my procedure so it was a 5 hour drive for me,but well worth it as of now.I have to say they were awesome there,and doctor stevens was highly reccomended by my cardiologist at home.

I did have to stay the night just for monitoring,and went back home the next day.So depending on where they have to ablate depends on when you go home,and obviously how you feel.

I didnt feel good for a week or so only because of the anesthesia wearing off,but other than that I was up and cleaning 2 days after my procedure.

Youll definitely know it if you over do it.

My procedure was very expensive around $76,000,luckily my insurance coverd a huge chunk of it.I was left with about $1,500.Well worth changeing your life though!!

If you ever have any questions feel free to ask  ;-]

What has you ep doctor told you?
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