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Anyone with Black ear fungus?
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Anyone with Black ear fungus?

Hi all who can help me.

I had a terribly traumatic incident about 4 years ago.  A few months later i got a horrible infection on my scalp and all my hair started to fall out.  This has since cleared but ever since then i have had issues with my ears.  It started off just as itchy and flaking inside the canal with a bit of clear weeping when it was really bad.  Then a few weeks ago the itching got so bad and i started to feel terrible pain in both ears and down into my jaw.  I could hear fluid crackling and bubbling around in my ears.  I used dozens of Q-Tips which would come out moist and black - like they were covered in charcoal!  Then one morning i woke up and both my ears were completely blocked - i could hardly hear a thing!  I started off on an antibiotic (which i have now learnt was the worst thing a doctor could have prescribed) and then he gave me an antibiotic/penicillin injection.  It just got worse.  I then went to see a different doctor who then flushed my ears with warm water and big lumps of fungus came out! The fungus had black colouring to it which explains the Q-tips.  My hearing immediately came back and it felt wonderful for about 2 days and then gradually the symptoms came back and i am now back to being as deaf as before.  I have been flushing my own ears with warm water and peroxide, and often fungus will come out but it is not healing completely.

Please help me and tell me what to do!!!

Everytime i yawn i can hear fluid crackling and bubbling away deep in my ears - too deep to reach with a Q-Tip!

I have tried to keep them as dry as i can but nothing seems to be working and the pain is unbearable.

Please can someone give me a cure!
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This can generally be successfully treated with a series of cleanings and ototopicals.  It is important to get the debris out while treatment continues to enable to the medications to reach their target.  In some cases, even oral treatment is initiated.  An Otolaryngologist can diagnose and treat this.
I have the very same thing ,treating withcleanings and ear wicks right now.I go back Monday for another cleaning
Hi, I just went to an ENT (an ear nose and throat specialist). I've had an itchy ear for about a year, and have always just scratched it to soothe it and then done my best to ignore it.

I recently Q-tipped my ear pretty aggressively, and perforated my ear-drum. Muffled hearing, etc. I put some diluted Tea Tree in it as a 'preventative' for infection, but after a day I thought perhaps that I had invoked an ear infection, as it began to bother me past sensations of muffled'ness. I went to a doctor who said, "I suspect a fungal infection." She gave me drops, Canesten Solution, to deal with the fungus, and oral antibiotics, Augmentin, in case it was a bacterial infection.

I began the treatment and felt VERY uncomfortable after taking my ear drops. Throbbing and burning from the inner ear down the back of the throat which would last from 20 minutes to an hour. I didn't think I could keep doing the drops, and so scheduled an appointment with an ENT to consult.

He affirmed that it was a fungal infection, and he began 'suctioning' with special equipment black spore fungus out of my ear. It was mostly tolerable to experience, with moments of punctuated discomfort. Underneath the fungus, we discovered a small perforation- which, I assume, had to do with the punctuated discomfort during the suctioning.

Anyway, long story short . . . if you have junk in your ear, I suggest scheduling an appointment with an ENT. I avoided this for about a week after Q-'snipping' myself, and tried some home remedies like Tea Tree Oil, Salt Water Flush . . . which exacerbated the problem . . . because the fungus likes a moist environment, I'm told.

I think, as well, that either the fungus perforated my ear drum, or made it susceptible to perforation by Q-tip . . . so, if you have a fungal infection, then take care of it sooner than later, because avoiding it can just invite a more uncomfortable experience in the future, and . . . obviously, the rare (but not rare enough to subdue other's warnings) possibility of some kind of permanent damage to one's hearing if physical damage and bacterial infection occurs.

The drops still burn. Apparently, an unavoidable side affect of the solution. But the ENT confirmed I could decrease the dosage from 3 drops 3 times a day for 5 minutes, to 2 drops 2 times a day for 2 minutes. And this is more tolerable for me . . .

However, now it's a matter of staying healthy and encouraging my body to heal the perforated drum which, as they say, sometimes can take a week to months, to sometimes it never heals and hearing loss is 'permanent.'

I tend not to give too much credit to the fear mongering of permanent hearing loss because many people say it is uncommon for an otherwise healthy person . . . but the professionals also can't deny that it happens to some people.

For me in the next month . . good sleep, freshly juiced vegetables and fruits, eating more immune boosting things like garlic/ginger/peppers, vaporizing instead of smoking, and cutting back on alcohol, caffiene, sugar, and white-bread.

Hope I hear better soon ; )
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