Blood in phlegm at back of throat
by rockymountainhigh, Mar 22, 2007
Last night I was troubled by phlegm mixed with light colored blood at the back of my throat. It seemed to be coming down from the back of my nose. It lasted for about 10mins, and there was a tiny bit this morning. I've never had a nose bleed before that didn't come throught the front of my nostrils - this time there was no blood in my nostrils at all. I searched on the internet and got scared by something called posterier nose bleeds, but I couldn't describe this as severe blood loss. The mixture of blood and phlegm was thick and stringy and made it difficult to swallow, until a went to the bathroom and kept spitting into the sink until the blood stopped coming. I'm 34 years old and a non-smoker. I would say I was of normal health, and occasionally get nose bleeds from the front of the nose, from the back is a first for me. I don't think I have sinusitis as there is no congestion or pain. I'm afraid to go to the doctor as he was a bit dismissive last time I went to see him about something else, and I think he won't take me seriously. If anyone else has had similar experiences to put my mind at rest, or persuade me that this really needs to be looked at. Thanks.
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by fiona1, Mar 22, 2007
Hi, this happened to me a few months ago, and i freaked out, thinking that i had lung cancer or something. Turns out it was quite harmless, and that this is a common thing to happen to people. In my case it was a little bloodvessel at the back of hte throat which was pressurised by coughing, but it can also be caused by a nose bleed. As far as coughing blood is concerned it's serious if it's pink and frothy (so i'm told)!
by canada110, Mar 22, 2007
go see the doc or even an ear nose and throat doc won't hurt if your worried about it save you the hassle
by tmv, Mar 23, 2007
It can be from a sinus infection, irritation, or like the first comment stated-a ruptured blood vessel.
by murphy58, Mar 24, 2007
I am 58 yr old. I also had similar experience 2 days ago, which repeats once a while. Chemist has given tablets that reduced. He mentioned it due to nose blockage or blood vessels rupture.Previously, I was operated for Polyp in Nose. Recently ENT specialist mentioned after checkthere was no growth abnormality due to Polip.
by rockymountainhigh, Mar 27, 2007
Thanks so much for your replies.  It hasn't happened since, so I guess that if it doesn't keep happening it can't be serious.  Certainly scared me in the middle of the night though!  Hope it's a one off, but if it starts again I'll consider the doc.
by scared605, Nov 06, 2007
What did he prescribe for the bleeding?
by alikat162285, Dec 17, 2007
   Hello Everyone,

I wanted to check out some forums before I gave a call to my doctor. I am in my early 20's used to dance almost 9 hours a week so I guess you could say im fairly active, and  just recently started going back to the gym after 3 years. I have never smoked, and i barley drink any alcohol, i even eat all kinds of food to which my doctor says is wonderful. I am never dizzy or shaky, out of breath maybe once in a while. I am never sick either or tired. I recently got paranoid because when i wake up in the morning before i brush my teeth to gargle with water, i  spit up a little blood that seems to have been stuck in the back of my throat. It is so random because i feel fine, but am freaked out by this. I don't even have anyone in my family that this has ever happened to and this happens a little each morning.
by robert810, Dec 17, 2007
hi i am robert 26 years old i have the same symthoms but i got to a point where i cant breath alot of blood came up too im very scared to go to the doctors for the answer but its getting worse ant name for this sickness thanks robert
by Enoch Choi, MDBlank, Dec 18, 2007
Everyone with blood in sputum needs to see their doctor

Although it can be from nosebleeds or small capillaries that can break when coughing, it can also be from cancer or tuberculosis.

go see your doc!