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Can a sinus infection effect the nerves
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Can a sinus infection effect the nerves

Here's the history-

I was diagnosed with a pretty bad sinus infection about a month and a half ago and i was put on 10 day course Amoxicillin, the main infection seemed to start clearing up on about the eighth day of the course.
I have had problems with my sinuses ever since, i sometimes have burning sensations in my nose and ears and still have some post nasal drip (it has always been clear mucus, even when i had the main infection).
Last week my leg started to feel really heavy, it improved and then my arm felt really weak and heavy as well (i still have all the strength in my muscles), i seem to have 'episodes' where my arm feels really weak and this weakness also spreads across my chest and i feel a little breathless (seems to be the right side of my body) I also had the sensation of tinnitus which decreased to nothing after a second followed by sudden weakness like my body sinking into itself, i have only had two of these 'episodes' and on the second one i went to the hospital where i had a chemical and haemoglobin blood test which came back clear (also they put me on a machine to check my heart as i have had some heart palpitations too).
I have also had some muscle jerking all over my body, pain around my eyes and aching eyes, nose pain and pain at the back of my neck (base of skull and also up into the skull) as well as skull pain behind my ears, in front of them and the top of my skull.
I went to the doctors and he said that my sinus infection must have been a viral infection that has irritated my nerves.
Could a sinus infection from about a month ago cause heavy arms, legs, muscle jerks and pain in my neck which extends into my skull?
My doctor prescribed me a 30 day course of clonazepam (0.5 mg- 1 per night before bed) to help with the muscle jerks.
The weakness in my arm seems to be improving slightly but I was just wondering if all of these symptoms really do fit with my doctors diagnoses (nerve problems) ?

Not to sound like a hypochondriac, couldn’t my symptoms show that it is something worse than the after affects of a sinus infection? (I’m terrified of the idea of having a brain tumour... seems to be a common worry on the ENT boards so i bet that your rolling your eyes!).  

Thank you.
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You are not a nutcase. The doctor is correct, the toxins from a sinus infection can leak into other parts of your head and inflame nerves.  It'll take awhile to recover
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