Cold sensation in ear
by Deb904, Feb 06, 2008
I've had a sensation that feels like cold water running out of my ear. When I touch my ear there is nothing there. Lately ny neck feels a little cold also. It is a very weird feeling. Has anyone experienced anything like this and maybe knows what this could be?   Thanks
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by cacklebunny, Feb 29, 2008
Yes!  I have been having the exact same sensation for the past month or so.  It's very strange.  Have you ever gotten an explanation as to the cause?  I Googled it, but the first relevant result was yours.
by T_U_N_E_R, Jan 26, 2009
I've had this 'ice water' feeling with pain for over 3 weeks now.  No one seems to know what it is.  Im totally miserable, can't sleep and am missing work.  
And I agree--this is the only result I can find on the web for this condition???
by T_U_N_E_R, Feb 02, 2009
The ENT said i dont have an infection and my ears and sinuses are normal. I then went to a neurologist. I had a brain MRI done, which turned out totally normal.  The doctor prescribed taking steroids but they had no effect. I started getting numbness, or a sensation of my face being asleep on the left side. My ears still hurt although more on the left side now, and they still have that icy cold sensation inside, along with the feeling of a bad untreated ear infection.
My left cheek bone under the eye feels sore like its bruised, but its not. This feeling comes and goes. RIght now my left cheek is numb.
THe doctor gave me tylenol with codeine to help with the pain.  I doesn't seem to do anything for the pain, but I take them anyway because regular tylenol does even less, and I'm going crazy feeling like this every day and night.
Now the doctors gave me amitriptyline for a two week trial.
Im not sure what this will do and why I got an anti depressant drug.
Can anyone help to shed some light on this mystery?
by laaz, Feb 03, 2009
I too have this same sensation but mine is all over my entire face and many areas on my body.  I have had this for 6 yrs.now.  Had soooooo many test done MRI, Lumbar puncture, etc.   Went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnestota.  They said it is a small fiber peripheral neuropathy.  EMG will not show a small fiber neuropathy.  That test is usually for large fiber neuropathy.  Steroids did not help me either.  None of the mediction has helped at all.   I know  exactly how you feel about it driving you crazy - after 6 yrs. you would think that I would be able to live with it but I really can not.  My life has not been the same.   I am a totaly different person than I was 6 yrs. ago.   Hate my life and I dread opening my eyes in the morning.   Sorry I got off track.    Maybe since your's hasn't been so long that you might have some hope in controlling the symptoms with some medication.    Keep in touch and let me know what you find out.   Mention to a Neurologist about a small fiber peripheral neuropathy.  Not many doctors really think about that one I don't think.   As over the years I went to about 20-30 doctors.     Take care       Laaz
by T_U_N_E_R, Feb 11, 2009
Wow!  I got a reply!! Thanks so much!  I didnt think I'd find anyone with this problem anywhere!  
My ENT doctor called me today and said he saw some swelling in my sinuses on my MRI.  I have another appointment to have him look at my sinuses again in a few weeks.
Since then they took me off the Amitriptyline and put me on Neurontin, but it doesnt seem to be doing anything at all for me. I wonder if the swelling in my sinuses is distrubing a nerve in my face somewhere causing this? I will be sure to ask.
I've only had this icy-cold feeling for a short time compared to your long ordeal laaz.  
Thank you for the information.  I will research it further and be sure to ask questions!
T_U_N_E_R  :)
by feaablp, Aug 31, 2012
i  have the cold feeling in my ear its my left ear i dont understand it al all ive cleaned out my ears soooo many times and its still there
by AmonaV, Oct 30, 2013
I also have the cold sensation in my inner left ear. My left jaw is also achy and tender at times and sometimes "pops". In your many doctor appts and investigations, has anyone looked into a connection with TMJ ? I'm just getting around to exploring the doctor route (after months of this!) and can't decide if I should start with an ENT or a dentist? Your thoughts??
by gcb0, Oct 31, 2013
i had the jaw pain for a month. started to take aspirin because doc said it was just a inflamation. today all day i feel a drop of water running from my ear, same side as the jaw pain. it is driving me crazy and its been less than 12h
by morbidangel, Mar 05, 2014
i have had this cold sensation in my face & ears & it is really painful when i turn my head or bend down suddenly, the pain as been driving me crazy for several years ENT specialists say my sinus are ok, but i feel this pain & cold feeling will not go on it's own without surgery, i thought i was the only person having this till i came on this page

Stephen  from Bradford