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Constant trickle of clear fluid out of the ears
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Constant trickle of clear fluid out of the ears

For the past 5 years I have had a light,clear fluid (like tears or sweat) trickling out of my  ears from time to time. I often feel a build-up of pressure in the ears, accompanied sometimes by a slight bit of pain or rawness. Eventually I feel something of a "pop" or release, and then a bit of fluid trickling down the ear canal.  When this fluid releases in this way, immediately my ears feel much better. This is a very minor problem, nothing to complain about really, but I am curious to know what is going on here since the doctors I saw told me that this couldn't possibly be happening since my eardrums are not perforated. I was told that it's impossible to have fluid coming out of your ears if your eardrums are intact.
I must add that up until recently I was feeling quite bad for quite some time.  I finally learned that my main problem was "thick, stagnant mucus" which was preventing proper drainage of the sinuses.  The simple solution to that was to drink lots of water to thin out the mucus, which is what I have been doing.  So all in all, I am feeling quite good these days.  I am simply wondering what could be the source of this fluid coming out of my ears and whether that could be connected to the sinus problems that I was experiencing until recently. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any ideas that would help me to find an answer to this question.
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Maybe you will see this but as with all the others I was told I had eczema by a specialist I saw who took a tool and drilled all around and then pulled out something that looked just like a perfect clear contact lens in my ear? He did not know what it was.
My own problem started 3 years back and I had just flown from AZ back to Beach in AL and I noticed my ears were bleeding!!!!  Anyway I went through many different doctor's treatments too and the reason I wrote to your entry was you explained as close as possible exactly what it feels like to me when I feel the clear liquid in my ears. The pop and release of it? The last thing I was given was by a dermatologist who saw my cortisone cream and said it was fungal and gave me a fungal cream Ketoconazole cream and I had convinced myself that my Ipod I had just started using everyday while out walking on beach back then was the problem starter because of the humidity and buds wet from sweat so stopped though I loved it using my Ipod because of all this and I have had every problem listed by all and was quite upset about my problem as I had never had eczema anywhere before. But I was shocked that the EMT said he had never seen anything like the thing he pulled out of my ear and for 3 years I felt like a freak because I had never heard of this problem. I also thought it might be sinus related but am still having it so much and Chronically and I think it is very serious. I have noticed that it seemed to itch
when traveling in different elevations and kept cream near for the moment it would go nuts itching but it does not usually itch as much as it hurts and annoys me. I have the same answer too that no puncture is in there but the liquid I feel and have noticed it gets worse when cloudy even if I am inside.I also have sinus feeling problems when it
starts feeling like liquid and my nose gets all dry and one time I used a sinus genie to clean my sinus and told them it hurt when it went into my right ear and I thought a tube must have a leak as the sinus cleanse warns if that happens it is not good but no doctor has found a cure and only seem to leave me with the impression it is not curable
it still bleeds when it builds up inside occasionally and it is hard and some time I have to dig it out to release the growth that feels it is pressing on my eardrum. But no one mentioned bleeding and mine does so I do not know the answer but do hope it is not forever chronic and can be fixed. It seems we all have the liquid nightmare and no answer. I hope maybe this is of some help if anyone has the problem more in humid times and I am back almost a year in the dry AZ and that is why it is so odd to me I know by my ears if it is cloudy before I awake or as soon as I awake because for me that seems to be a factor. Also if I push my  ears upward when stuff is growing it hurts more and then I know it is getting bad and well it drives me crazy so you take it pretty well and I have tried to do the same since I have other health problems too that are also Chronic now and by comparison my ears are not the worse problem I have but I wonder if it has something to do with our immune systems? Also I am a smoker OMG I know but I am a nervous type and had been a healthy person with no problems until that started and then it has been one , two, more things that have kept me down since. And one of them is a Chronic problem also. I never had any problems and was lucky and healthy and then all has now changed.I will say I do not complain about the ears as much now as I have now the other Chronic problem and it is much more troubling. But,
even that I have worse problems now I  still have this one and it has been told to me it is a chronic problem without a cure because it is Chronic. I just would like to know if I have mentioned anything that may not have been mentioned or thought of when all wrote their own symptoms and I hope not but I just must have a really bad case if I am the only one who's is so bad it bleeds too.Or if others like you may have a thought of a connection to sinus problems? I wish I could be more helpful and melamommy  had some good suggestions I thought too. I hope she will let us know if that newest cream works. I also thought the Aloe whatever was a good idea as Aloe could soothe and dry
it and seems a lot better to me than putting foot fungal cream in your deep part of your ears. And is it fungal or is eczema fungal or not.I did not think until the dermatologist gave me that fungal cream that it was but he also said it was important to keep it dry.
That water in the ear may could cause it and if so I suppose wet sweaty Ipod ear pads could be possible in your ears out on a humid AL beach for hours a day. I also thought that being a woman that dyed my own hair for a while may have got dye down in them accidently. But I really just hope we all can find relief and a real cure. Now that I have another Chronic problem I sure hope the ears can be cured and I have no clue about all our same clear liquid problems? But I know we all seem to have it and are at least a bit frustrated. Good Luck to all and Best wishes for us all to find the answers. It seems so
unbelievable to me to have eczema in the deep parts of our ears. And lastly that that
clear round thing as big as a contact lens was found behind my eardrum and I suspect it was most likely that liquid that somehow did not drain out and that was what it was and had somehow dried there in that shape. But he was the ENT specialist and he gave antibiotics too. Sincerely the Best to all and hope we all get an answer that will make us happy and free of the pain, liquid draining, and in my case such hard growth that some time has almost covered my hole to my eardrum and causes bleeding. I am still not a Happy camper as much as it flares up. I just now have more than one Chronic thing to make me feel even worse. But I am trying to keep my head above water.
I hope I was of some help. Please anyone who finds out more be sure to share with us as we know how it feels too. I will do the same. Promise. Josie  Breaking Sunrise

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