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Ive recently booked a doctors appointment regarding this - although its a while off as i can only do evenings! I thought id search the internet but nowhere has my exact symptoms. Can anyone help?

My symptoms are:
- Blocked nose - especially at night! Have to use a nasal spary or i have trouble breathing. Absolutely no movement whatsoever if i blow my nose.

More recently -

- Spots have appeared on the back of my tongue!
- I have a horrible taste in my mouth when i swallow, kind of metallicy i guess, seems to come & go a bit more now.
- I have swollen tonsils

That is it!! There is no sore throat, or sore tongue or sore face as other symptoms suggest. None of it is painful.

Any suggestions?
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Are you using a decongestant type spray or a saline spray?  If it's a decongestant spray, while it opens your nasal passages and allows freer breathing after using it, it can also cause rebound symptoms as it wears off, resulting in worsening stuffiness.

The spots in your throat, bad taste and throat irritation could also be caused by the nasal spray - as any of us know who have inadvertently gotten water up our nose while swimming, it also goes down the back of your throat, which can cause irritation.

One thing I would suggest maybe trying is (if you're using a decongestant spray) switching to a saline spray instead for a while and see if it not only helps the stuffiness, but also helps to alleviate the other symptoms.

You may also want to try an oral allergy or decongestant rather than the nasal spray .  It is possible that the swollen tonsils are actually an allergic reaction (as well as the nasal stuffiness could be).  You may find that if you're able to take an oral allergy medicine (i use benadryl), that you may not have to use the nasal sprays at all, or at least not as often.

Of course, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before taking any medication, especially if you are on any other medications or have any medical issues.

I hope you get some relief soon!
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