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Dry Tongue that feels like hair near the back
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Dry Tongue that feels like hair near the back

I've recently seen a ENT for a chronic ear ache, about 6 weeks ago.  He has diagnosed me with an infection to my lingual tonsils and prescriped an antibiotic (can't remember the name right now).  The antibiotic did not take away the pain in my ear.  However, not sure if it's related or not, but in the past 4 days I have had disturbing tongue symptoms.  The back of my tongue feels very dry, I most note that the rest of my mouth is not dry and I have normal saliva / moistness.  The back of my tongue also feels like I might have a hair on it that I need to clear away, I feel this each time a swallow.  I have some difficutly swallowing as each time I do my tongue feels like it is swollen.  I have checked in the mirrow with flashlights and depressors but I do not see anything abnormal.  I must add that I have no pain whatsoever, other than the dryness and feeling of a hair stuck on my tongue it sort of feels like it might be mildy burnt, similiar to when you burn it on hot food.  I am 40 years old, female and smoke.  Other than the ear aches I have been having for the past 5 months I am healthy with no known medical problems.  I brush my teeth twice a day and just had my bi-annual dentist check up 2 weeks ago.  At that time I did not have any tongue symptoms but neither my hygenist or dentist commented on anything unusual.  This is my firt time posting a question on line, I hope I have included enough information.  I tried the usual "google" searches based on symptoms but couldn't find anything.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Judi...

I have had similar issues with doctors almost not caring or acting like its no big deal.  I do have geographical tongue..always have.. where you have cracks in it and sometimes weird little red spots or rings or white spots/rings.. but in the past 6 months i have had more problems and a periodic ear ache...  also sometimes bumps on my tongue pop up and feel a little burnt... when i swallow feels like its very thick and full and sometimes have tightness swallowing.  often times i felt i thought i had a hair or something stuck back in my tonsils. have had dry mouth sometimes. my lymph nodes swell occasionally behind my ears.. etc...

I dont smoke or drink... but i drink way too much diet coke and i have been overweight my whole life.  im 36 yrs old.

I am going to see an ENT very soon.. and hope that they can at least rule out what scares me so much (cancer).  in the meantime im trying to be positive and healthy! and I pray a lot asking God to please heal me or at least show me the way to my own healing.  sometimes i really think this is some kind of test which i am to learn a great lesson from.  If i find anything out i will let you know.  My prayers are with you!

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