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For the last 10 years I have been suffering from ear pain in the left ear. I got cleaned my ear by an ENT specialist. For some period of time it was OK. Then again the pain started. Now he says I have some abnormality in the inner ear. Outer ear is clean and no infection and perfect and hearing is normal. I experience the following problems.

1. I feel like the left ear is always full with pressure. And most of the time it gives head aches.
2. I feel like something is in the ear, and there is little ringing sound.
3. When I do exercise I feel like the ear become full, like no air flow some where.
4. Is my escutcheon tube is blocked? But my doctor says if it is blocked there will be deformation in the diaphragm.
5. When I chew or speak I feel like the sound is hitting my own ear. I have irritation to high pitch sound.
6. I did MRI, CT scan and the results shows normal. Should I do it again after two years?
7. When I pull the air through the left nose strongly (like strong upward breath) I feel like the ear squeezed and no air movement. (Like a semicircular plastic cork stick to the wall due to vacuum)
8 How can I find that the root of the teeth is not pinching the escutcheon tube? But when I close the nose and push the air I can feel the pressure in the air like in the airplane.
9. I am given Betaserc tablet and using for almost 6 months.
10. Is there any swelling in the inner ear? I used to use hair oil and work in the hot son (43 degree cen) out side for the last 15 years.

Age-45, MALE
Please advice.

Thank you.
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Hi there.  Sorry to hear you feel bad.  I too have had pressure in my ears that comes and goes.

I think that when you hear your own voice it means that there is some kind of "blockage" happening, whether it be a swollen Eustachian tube, or fluid in your middle or inner ear.

Sounds like it is time to get another opinion on your situation.
I have been taking Singulair recently and it seems to help a bit...could be allergy related with your oils, etc.  

Good luck.
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