Ear Pain After Exercise in Cold Weather
by matt4009, Nov 06, 2007
I get severe ear pain after exercising in moderately cold weather or in the water. The pain reaches a crescendo after about 20 minutes of exercise. This pain is accompanied by some dizziness. It subsides after about 15 or 20 minutes indoors. I have been to a physician who doesn't see any holes in my eardrums. This pain is preventing me from exercising.
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by Wear/a/Jimmy, Nov 06, 2007
I used to get that too... until I moved to a warm climate.  Google cold ear caloric, I think you are getting dizzy because the fluid within the inner ear is getting cold too.

Just a guess though
by matt4009, Nov 06, 2007
Thanks, Jimmy. Just to clarify, the pain is in my inner ear, basically in my head.
by Wear/a/Jimmy, Nov 07, 2007
Well yes and no. Hard to say where the pain is. Most people think the middle ear is the inner ear.

The ear is divided into 3 sections, outer, middle and inner. Any how, the inner ear is comprised of the semi circular canals (vestibular system) and cochlea. If the fluid in the inner ear becomes colder than usual, the end result is usually vertigo etc. That is the premise of the ear caloric during ENG testing. Your ear is irrigated with cold air/water or warm air/water in order to invoke a dizzy spell. It is a horrid/freakish experience.

Any how, kip. Knowledge is power good luck to you.
by Enoch Choi, MDBlank, Nov 08, 2007
Wear/a/Jimmy is right, it's hard to differentiate from the different areas in & outside the eardrum.

It would be unusuaal for just being outside in cold weather to affect the warmth of the inner ear, unless you're submerged in cold water that enters your external ear canal.  If that happened, yes, you could get dizzy.
by matt4009, Nov 09, 2007
So do you have any advice for me?
by Enoch Choi, MDBlank, Nov 12, 2007
No, this is not a place to get health care.  

My best recommendation is to find another physician to examine you
by Ammers, Sep 23, 2008
Obviously this isn't a place to get health care... what did you think he wanted you to do, jump through the screen and examine him?

No, he was asking for your ADVICE. Not a snotty belittling comment, and THEN the advice. :) geez.
by canalgirl, Nov 02, 2008
I'm trying to find out what causes it - meanwhile, I wear a bandana or "ear bags" to cover my ears and that prevents the pain.
by NewToFitness, Jan 02, 2009
Does the headband seem to be working?  I've had this same problem most of my life, but don't exercise enough to know if it happens during warm weather too.  Sometimes I think that it's just that my head isn't used to getting that much blood and oxygen.