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Ear problems

After going to the doctor many times and being offered the same treatment (Anti boc's and ear drops) i asked to be referred to an ear specialist. Which turned out to be a nurse. She advised me that  my ear needed cleaning on the inside. This hasn't helped at all.
I was wondering if I should be asking to see a skin specialised as I think that it could be a skin problem.
My simptons are sore and very itchi inside the ear and now some moisture coming out. A little flaking skin around the entrance to the ear.
This has been gooing on for six months or so. Nothing before that.
Thanks for any help. Basically I would like to know where to froom here and what specialist I should be asking to see.
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I'm getting the impression it's only one ear? The referral
should be an ENT (ear/nose/throat). This sounds like any GP
could handle though, but the treatment didn't work so try to
get ENT. You probably have been using q-tips, big no!. I can
relate but the ear canal has micro-small hair fibers that are
there to 'pull' debrie away from tympanic window. A sm. amount
or earwax is supposed to cover & shield the window. A cleaning
by suction is ok if debrie was pushed in deep. The wax will
re-coat by next day. Q-tip will flatten fibers & debrie will go back to window again. The moisture is probably weeping from
damaged surface tissue of canal. For now, use old folk remedy.
Warm 'Olive oil' to touch & drip by spoon (best to have someone
do, messy), abt few drops to 1/8 tsp & lay flat few min. w/ sm.
cotton to catch any drip-out. Then sit up/tilt ear to drain &
dab carefully. Then put in a new bit of cotton in ear opening.
Best if done at bedtime. This will soften dry skin & soothe to
heal canal. Moisture can't form do to oil coating. can repeat
off/on. No, reg. oil can't be used! Maybe a form of Otalgia.
If must use q-tip, slide in w/slt oil-tipped if sore but don't
twist/swirl/jam. Be careful & maybe fibers will be OK. I have
no idea why antibiotics unless you had earache too. If it keeps
going on a week, have ENT ck. Olive oil has healing properties
so don't try any other type. Once healed, if you have ear
moisture, use hair dryer on cool set. Or mix equal parts of
alcohol w/ white vinegar & keep in drip bottle. Only need few drops. Great for swimmers ear. Don't use this on a red sore ear
or you'll be very sorry. Try oil & give ear a chance to get back it's own environment. Earwax buildup can also loosen/drain
out by laying on a warm moist cloth awhile & use soft cloth to
clean area. It has wk'd for me many times. Both remedies.
Thankyou so so so so much for spending the time to reply to me.
There are still good people in the world, you have proved that.
I will do as you have said.
Their are lots of good people around you. I thank you for
the kind words. Hope ear heals fast!
PLEASE remember that people posting COMMENTS in this forum are NOT medical professionals.  ALWAYS check with your personal physician before beginning any treatment or making any medical decisions.

Med Help International
I'm not sure, but I see MHI posted disclaimer to remind you
that COMMENT wasn't from a Dr. I didn't think you thought that,
since I mentioned folk remedies! No I'm not A Dr. (ck. w/ ENT)
& didn't want to imply that. Just someone that had same problem
years ago. Hope you're better.
You could have psoriasis or exzema (eczema) (sp) in your ear.  I would go to a dermatolgist to have it checked out.
Have you ever tried anything natural. When you have been on a lot of antibiotics not only does it kill that bad bacteria, but it also kills the good. It is a viscous cycle of sickness, antibiotic, side effects from antibiotic, then no immune system. Your body never really has a chance to build up that good bacteria for immunity. I know because my son went through the same thing.  He had 9 the first year. He even had the lining of his ear peeling.  It was white skin peeling but the ear itself was bright red.  The doctor said i had two more months and then we would have to do tubes. I did not want to do tubes because a friend of ours had had such a terrible time with there sons. So, I was pretty much open to anything. A friend approached me and said have you ever used essential oils or ? I said "no" but i'm willing to try anything. I took him to someone who knew a lot about them and since the day i took him to her we haven't been back to the doctor. It was Jan 18 of this year. I have been so grateful for them. No one in our family have been to the doctor this year. Anyway, it took a month of me being faithful at using them the way she told me, and now i only use them when we are sick. The whole purpose was to build his immune system.  It sounds like you have tried everything else, do some research and post an let me know if you have any questions.
FYI: I found out from a nature path that he had a yeast infection in his ear canal.  It sound crazy but thing about it, if you have been on a lot of anitbiotics yeast can grow anywhere moist, warm, and dark.
About the Med docs coming on and telling you that it is only advice and to talk to your physician.... that frustrates me so much because its always another drug, or another procedure, which leads to another bill.  Our bodies are ment to heal themselves.  I feel like our health care system is failing, they need to be focusing on prevention!!  We have a sick care system and not a health care system.  Sorry i feel very strongly about this.  If you have any questions, post and let me know.
I have the same thing.  Mine is psoriasis.  I use Betamethasone ointment in it a couple of times a day.  It softens the flaking skin and you can peel it away.  It will not cure it (nothing cures psoriasis).  But it will keep it clear for a while.  Sometimes mine will bleed if I let it get to dry.  It doesn't do it now as I have had it for years, but mine used to drain a clear fluid as well.
In response for ariddle4u, there is only one way I know to cure psorisis.  Salt water!  The real stuff in the ocean.  Had terrible case on my scalp for years.  Went on vacation and spent time in ocean daily for one week.  Between the salt water and the sun it kicked it.
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