Excessive saliva and swallowing
by sfairfield, Feb 16, 2007
I am experiencing constant build up of excessive saliva which causes me to continue to swallow without stopping making it difficult to speak with others except in very short sentences. Although I have all this additional saliva, my mouth seams dry.
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by morgan8, May 22, 2009
Wanted to say that I have exactly the same problem.  Saliva in the sides of my mouth but dry lips and tongue making speaking difficult.
Did you find out what was wrong.
by lofgren, Sep 04, 2009
I have similar problems too. In my case I think the feeling of excessive saliva is in fact thick saliva in the back of my throat. On my tongue I have skimmy saliva. Tongue and lips are dry.

I think its an autoimmune disorder but nothing abnormal has been found in blood tests or lip biopsy (which however does not exclude the possibility of Sjogren's syndrome).

Caphosol is the best product I've tried against dry mouth symptoms...

by pstokes, Apr 07, 2010
my saliva feels like it thiner and it keeps building up to the point i have to spit or swollow alot
by richard987, Jun 22, 2010
hi, was wondering if anyone found a solution to this problem as I have the same issue with mouth fillinf up with saliva. I've taken amoxivillin for a week with no positive effect. any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.