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Fainting/Unconscious/Seizure-like spells
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Fainting/Unconscious/Seizure-like spells

It's not really dizziness... but it does kind of relate.

I've, recently, been having seizure-like symptoms... okay, well, I don't really know what seizures involve, but to me, it's pretty seizure-like. It happened, literally, just this morning. I've currently had it 4 times: The very first one happened outside my room in mid-June of last year (2007), the next one at my sister's house in mid-July of last year (2007), then the next in about January of this year (2008), and the most recent one, just this morning. Sometimes I realize they're happening, and other times I'm completely oblivious until I find myself on the ground.

The very first one: I walked out of my room, and I suddenly fell against the wall, sat down with my knees drawn up to my chest, closed my eyes and started to shake violently. My sister was in the room next to me, and I tried to call out, but I couldn't make any noise. I was conscious throughout the whole thing. It only last half a minute, and when I stood up, I felt fine.

The next one at my sister's apartment: it was hot and I walked to her window, and suddenly, I fell down into the chair just behind me, and I don't remember what happened, although I do remember being vaguely aware of something happening. When I opened my eyes, I was in the chair, and my sister was standing there, looking at me with a surprised and shocked expression. She explained to me what she just saw (me shaking violently) and I told her I didn't remember what happened.

The third wasn't bad, I was just standing by my bed and I started to shake while my eyes were closed. The shaking within my body feels like it comes from, literally, the inside, like my organs are vibrating or something, and then my limbs start to shake as well. They usually only last no more than half a minute. After this third time, I told my mom, and, being as unhelpful as she is (even though she's an RN) she said it wasn't a big deal and that I probably wasn't eating enough... I eat A LOT!!! Not unhealthily a lot, but I don't starve myself, and I have a healthy diet, and I exercise when I can, and I don't watch a lot of TV (in fact, I barely watch any). I eat as much as a 17 year-old, 6' even, 160 lbs. girl should. See?

The most recent one, this morning, was the worst, by far. I got up because my alarm clock went off. I hit the snooze button, and I don't remember anything after that. It was 10:24 (hey, c'mon, it's the weekend) and I remember saying "Ow!" before I opened my eyes. Upon reflection, I remember shaking, but I don't remember falling. Instead of actually just sitting down like all of the other times, this time I actually literally collapsed onto the floor, and I must have fell against my bed (which is high and wooden) because my thigh and shin were sore, and I can feel that I fell hard, because my rib hurts, too (though not bad, so I obviously didn't break anything, ha ha). When I got up, the clock read 10:25, so these obviously don't last very long, unless it's been 24-hours and I'm supposed to be at a concert right now, ha ha. I don't feel disoriented afterwards, I don't feel dizzy, I don't feel sick, I'm not confused (other than what the heck is happening???) and I feel generally fine. So, what the heck is it?

I'm 17, I eat very healthy, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I haven't had sex, I've never been diagnosed with anything before, and I keep my brain and body active regularly. Any ideas as to what this could possibly be? They don't seem to harm me, nor do they effect me negatively, but I'm just curious as to what these could be, and I am too young to schedule an appointment with my family doctor, and I'm too afraid to ask.
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hi so today my dad was walking onto a boat dock at my lake house. he tripped and slammed his shin into the dock. he then came back to sit and we gave him ice etc. the next thing we know, his eyes roll back into his head and he starts snoring. we think he started snoring because his tongue relaxed but we really have no idea. he was totally unresponsive. we slapped him until he woke up and he was like what whats going on? he had no idea what happened. im really nervous because he refuses to go to a doctor. im only 15 and ive been looking things up but i cant find anything. it seems like a seizure because he also started twitching a bit but i dont know. my friend's dad who was there says he definitely think the seizure was caused from the excruciating pain he was in. but my other friend's dad thinks it was a stroke. he is completely fine now but im just really afraid it will happen again.
does anyone know what this possibly could be? or was it just because his sudden trip scared him into unconsciousness?

please help. thank you
Hi tara,

my dad is going thru the similar thing as you have mentioned. I dont understand the reason behind it. Have you found out anything about why it happened to your dad. would appreciate if you can share some information on this, so that I can take proper measures in my Dads case.

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