Foul smelling snot and bad taste in mouth
by RobDavis, Mar 28, 2008
Ive gotten over being sick last week and now I have a steady drip of  foul smelling and tasting mucus.Ive also developed a (bubble)on the back of my toungue.What is this and why me?My throat isnt really sore just in that one spot with the bubble.
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by Tony728, Jun 19, 2008
hi rob,
      i have that now and it's freaking me out!! went to doctors and i have a sinus infection,..the snot smell is so foul,..i feel as if it will never go away. i just had my upper wisdom teeth pulled and there is some type of corrilation(bad spelling) i've been reading online...ugh.
by Bella861, Jun 19, 2008
I've had this on and off since Feb/o8 when I got a sinus infection after a bad cold.
Using the netti-pot to cleanse my sinuses.  Only $10. at Wallmart this week.
Read about it.  Thought I would try it.  So far, so good.  Only the first day.  Thought
I would try it every two hours for the first few days.  Will keep you posted.  Oh yes,
the nasal back drip has gone back into my chest and is congesting it and so I am
also coughing up bad tasting stuff.  Will keep you posted.  Good luck to both of you.
by igotdirtyman, Sep 24, 2013
have had same thing after a strange flue like virus. i began to smell like it smell like vaginas, or  smelly sex. i thought i stepped in dog ****, but then realized it was not my imagination it was the stuff coming out of my head cold and flue mucus wiht blood.. for days now. almost a week. i think other people can or must smell it its so foul.. dont know why.