Growth inside nose
by Ebbie626, Mar 05, 2007
I have a small tissue growth on the inside of my nose.  I thought it was a scab of some kind at first.  But it will grow, fall off (if disturbed by constant blowing)then grow back.  Could it be some form of a nasal tumor?
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by JSJVictoria, Mar 05, 2007
Could be a nasal polyp. These do grow/shrink, but never fall off. Or could just be dried up sticky mucus.

While you have a growth, an ENT should be able to quickly tell what it is.
by canada110, Mar 06, 2007
get a referral to see an ENT
by MRusso, Mar 14, 2007
i have a small growth in my throat near my left tonsil
and i've been assured its nothing

if it grows and shrinks, that does not seem bad, but seek imediate help if it grows and doesn't stop
by Shibby212, Nov 26, 2007
I also have a small growth near my left tonsil. It seems to gradually be getting bigger. Should I see a doctor? If it keeps growing what will they do? Is it harmful?
by Jocasta, Nov 28, 2007
Heya, I  went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago for a small growth near my left tonsil as well and told it was a polyp. I was told they will generally not remove it unless paid for it privately (mind you this is coming from the UK). if it grows big enough to obstruct your eating or breathing they'll probably remove it though.
by Shibby212, Nov 29, 2007
Alright, thanks, so just keep watching it? Will it just up going away?
by mandipa, Dec 12, 2009
My nose are always blocked and i feel as if i have some growth in my right nosyril.  Is this possible? and what can it be?  I am 41yers old.