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Hearing Loss After Ear Infection?
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Hearing Loss After Ear Infection?

I experienced sharp pain and a feeling of pressure in my right ear, as well as a muffled sense of hearing. This led me to my family doctor the next day.

He diagnosed me with an ear infection, gave me Cipro HC, and referred me to an ENT.

Saw the ENT (Doctor 1) a day or two later, I can't recall. He told me it was a fungal (ew!) ear infection with a lot of debris...he also told me to stop using the Cipro, as it doesn't fight fungal infections. He cleared out what debris he could at that office, then asked me if I could hear any better (no). I was leaving on vacation in two days, so he scheduled to see me back the next week at another office where he has more precise equipment (to better clear the debris). I asked repeatedly about any sort of medicine/drops I could take, and he told me to just keep it dry.

Worried about his apparent lack of concern for my situation (not suggesting any care for the ear...finding it ok for me to wait a week before I see him again) I searched for a new ENT the next day (one day before travel).

I found a doctor (Doctor 2), and to my surprise, they took me in the same day! They tested my hearing (I was told my right ear was only a few % weaker than my left ear), cleared out what little debris was present, and gave me a script for VoSol HC.

I administer the drops as instructed for the week, and the itching/pain goes away, but I still can't hear properly out of the ear. I would estimate my hearing in my right ear to be about 50-70%

Fast forward to a week later, Doctor 2 sees me for a recheck, comments how the ear has essentially cleared up, and seems surprised when I tell him I still can't hear any better. He suggests using hydrogen peroxide to clear up any residual wax, etc, and to continue the VoSol HC for another week.

The next day, I'm scheduled for my recheck with Doctor 1...he clears out a little debris...suggests I don't use the hydrogen peroxide anymore.... and he gives me a hearing test. When I get back in to see him, he triumphantly holds up the hearing test (which reads 100% on each ear...what the...?) and tells me I'm all better. I tell him that I still don't think I can hear properly. He notes the test....tells me to let my ear heal up, and I'm fine.

Am I going crazy!?

If this makes any sense, it's almost as if I feel the hearing loss is 'past'/'inside'/'deeper than' my ear. For example, which I can (mostly) hear 'outside' noises normally with my right ear....if I clear my throat/hum/talk, I feel like it's not being picked up in my right ear. If I hum, it's as if I can 'feel'/'hear' the vibrations fine with my left ear, but I don't get that from my right ear.

Could the infection have somehow gotten 'deeper'? Is there any way to test for, or fix it, if it did? I'm terrified that I'll never be able to hear properly again. :(

Please help. Thank you.

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Sorry, I should add that I now have a constant ringing (tinnitus?) in my right ear as well.
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