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Herpes Or Staph Infection
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Herpes Or Staph Infection

I had a skin rash that eventually was diagnosed as folliculitis.  At the time I was afraid it was Herpes so I insisted I’d be checked for herpes to have peace of mind and to my horror I was told that based on the numbers on the test results that I was positive for HSV2 (>5) and negative for HSV1 (0.17).  I had never had an outbreak of any kind so the doctor told me that until I had blood blisters I did not have herpes.

I went into a deep depression for a period of time and lost about 20 pounds not being able to sleeps or eat due to the uncertainty.  During that time I started to itch on my arms and hands and was told by a doctor that it was Dyshidrosis and that it was triggered by stress.  Then I noticed that I had some mouth sores and went immediately to my doctor and was refused to have a culture taken because they claimed that my insurance would not pay for it but that I could go to a lab and have it taken there.  I went to a nationally recognized lab and was told at the lab that it would be too much of an invasive procedure so they would not take the culture either but that I could have my doctor take it and bring it in, and again it was refused at my doctor’s office.

So, two weeks went by and I had two more lesions appear inside my mouth and I went back to my doctor‘s office and then they took the culture.  After a couple of weeks the results came back with “No Virus Isolated”.  I was told the culture checked for viruses but not for bacteria.

The mouth lesions first appeared in early April 2009 and since that time I don’t know if what I’ve been having are three different outbreaks or just one continuous outbreak with maybe one week break in between the three periods of time I’ve noticed or think I’ve had some kind of symptoms.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so stressed out, but every couple of weeks since first time getting the mouth sores I’ve been getting some kind of mouth lesion.  The first couple of times they looked like canker sores and took close to a week to heal and now they appear to be blood blisters that that range from very tiny to somewhat larger blood blisters.  They mostly heal in one or two days, three days at the most, and all have been either on the inside of the lower lip or inside the cheeks; never on the same spot; and never on the tongue, gums, or the palate.

It’s now mid July 2009 and the last time before the last blood blisters appeared, for about two weeks I had been having a slight itch around my face from the sides of my eyes down through the sides of my cheeks, down to my chin.  Not a constant itch or a burning itch, but the kind you get every now and then, the ones you feel like something is crawling on your skin and you have to scratch it, and every now and then I feel some kind of numbness in the area of my chin.  Now the itch has increased in intensity and I’ve noticed that when I shave there are some spots around my mouth, cheeks and nose that appear to be razor cuts but bleed more than the usual razor cuts and are there every time I shave.  They do not seem to scab over either and one could not tell I have anything by just looking at me.  I’ve also noticed that in some of the spots that itch I have what look like either very tiny scratches or cuts, and again no scab and not noticeable by just looking at me.

Also, the same day the initial mouth sores appeared (Early April 2009) I noticed some kind of foul smell when I would breathe in and sometimes even feel as if I could swallow whatever it was I was breathing in.  I can’t tell what it smells or taste like but the only thing I can compare it to is some kind of chemical smell.   Two different doctors told me that the smell was in my sinuses and I believed it since I suffered from severe allergies all my life.  I was put on antibiotics twice and after the second time on antibiotics the smell went away for maybe two weeks.  Then the smell and more mouth lesions appeared again.  I then went to an Ear-Nose-Throat doctor and had both MRI and CT scan taken and was told that I had accumulation of bacteria in my sinuses and again was put on antibiotics and steroids but the smell has not gone away.

I asked the Ear-Nose-Throat doctor if it was possible for a sinus bacterial infection to cause the mouth lesions and did not get an answer.  My mouth has been free of any lesions for about a week now but after months I can still smell that chemical smell in my sinuses when I breathe in, and in two more days scheduled to have surgery in my sinuses, but I’m not sure that’s the cause of the chemical smell or the mouth lesions.

I’m on suppressive therapy with Valtrex 500 mg one per day and I’m also taking the following vitamins: L-Lysine 1000 mg, Vitamins E 1000 mg, Vitamin C 1000 mg, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B-12 1000 mg, Zinc 30 mg, and Garlic 1250 mg.  I'm not sure if taking all of this is doing me any good but I'm hoping that it will start to work soon

I’ve made an appointment with an infectious disease doctor but he’s out of town and my appointment is not until July 23’d, which leads me to the following questions:

1. Can anyone tell me how all of this ties in.  Is it that I’m just stressed out to the limit and causing all of this, is it herpes, is it caused by some type of nasal fungal or bacterial infection, or is it simply something else?

2.  Since I’ve come back negative for HSV1 and positive for HSV2 and have never had any symptoms in my genitals other than when I was told I had folliculitis, and assuming what’s going on in my mouth is HSV2; is it true that the HSV2 virus prefers the genital area and that in the case of mouth HSV2 it does not have a tendency of recurring; and if so, why have I had what appears to be a three month or longer continuous outbreak around my mouth and face.

3.  Can you tell me what I’ve described around my face could be symptoms of Herpes or is it possible that some kind of Staph infection can be the cause of either the mouth lesions, the chemical smell, or the itch and the cuts on my face.

4.  What is the best medication to take (Valtrex, Famciclovir, Acyclovir) and what dosage to take when one is having an actual outbreak vise suppressive therapy.

5. Can one use a combination of medications (Valtrex, Famciclovir, Acyclovir) for either an actual outbreak or suppressive therapy.
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They are most likely bacterial canker sores. Bacteria acculates and creats bad smells/tastes. The itching and sores could simply be hygeine. Also check into the pH balance of your body. Canker sores begin as red bumps that then eventually form a lesion unless the immune system kicks it. If they only last 3 days it is most likely not a virus. Virus sores last over three weeks without healing on their own. I have a virus (not the genital one) and i have upwards of 18 canker sores in my mouth. The antivirals make it go away, i complete the meds and they all come back in three days. I am on my fourth round and i did have a fever at the onset and then once through the fourth round. Also the difference between viral and bacterial is that most viral canker sores begin as a cluster of multiple pin prick size sores that then gather into one lesion.

Also you didnt start getting syptoms (symptoms) until after the test came back which sounds rather psychosomatic to me.

I'd try putting some oregano oil (3 drops pure in a tablespoon of olive oil) and rubbing on your sores. Rinse your mouth with baking soda water (1/4tsp in 8oz h2o) 3-5x a day and before you drink anything in the morning. Also 3 drops tea tree oil in water as a mouth wash. Avoid wheat, dairy, and anything acidic or sugary (caffeine, coffee, and soda).
Also, chech your toothpaste for sodium lauryl sulfate (which causes canker sores and mouth blisters in sensitive people). I suggest brushing your teeth with an alternating schedule using baking soda, and activated charcoal. Do not add coconut oil, as sodium lauryl sulfate is derived from it. Also, check your mouthwashes because it is an ingredient in them too. If they are recurring sores it may be an allergy to that ingredient.

Severe celiac disease can cause recurring cankersores as well as a multitude of other syptoms (symptoms) (including malnutrition which can result in your other issues).

Finally, what is your working environment? Any debris/dust/chemical inhalents that could be in the air affecting your skin and sinuses? Examine all areas of life and routine.

Good luck i hope this helps!

Psychology (health concentration symposium) bachelor's degree
Massage therapist (credits in nutrition)
Health and wellness consultant (certification upon exam completion)
And finally... (Sadly) experience.
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