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Humming ear,..now in both after a cold?
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Humming ear,..now in both after a cold?

can anyone help me please?

for about 2 years it was just a very low hum in RIGHT EAR and just random (but at nights when lying down trying to sleep) - i put up with it as wasnt too bad but now its got much worse (louder and every night) and there is also a ringing (like pressure build up when blood rushes to your head - that sort of noise you hear when you pass out) but that ringing is VERY low but possibly because the hum is overpowering it, I can hear the ring when I put my head under water in the bath, i noticed once when i took IBUPROFEN the humming went away??, so i took more but after few days it stopped working - anyway, I went to one Dr and he said "tinnitus , nothing can be done" , i went to another who said "its not tinnitus cos its in one ear" but was still at a loss and he referred me to ENT (which is 6 weeks time) - recently i got a cold, I never get colds and this one lasted over 10 days - during the outset of this cold the humming started to go over to left ear!! and louder!! - oh I was driven mad with it trying to sleep , anyway ive just been to ANOTHER Dr few days back, he had a look and said there was a little fluid on the left ear and that's probably from the 'cold' and so wont prescribe antibiotics ... he gave me 7 x 20mg Temazepam to help me sleep for a few nights - I took the tablets and guess what... the humming went away... before sleep and after sleep... I could lie there and move y head about, open my mouth etc and it would come and go like before - ive ran out of Temazepam and guess what? the humming is back... strange?

Along with that I also have sinus problem where i can hear my breathing in my ears if i breath through my nose - more in the right one (mostly affected one)

Iam also on Methadone which could possibly be cause but never had it for 4 of the 6 years ive been on it so probs not!

I now think it may be allergy, Iam taking a LOT of herbal supplements for my Liver Disease and I think it may be related and the ringing is like a 'pressure build up' sort of noise - the humming must also be part of it, so Im gunna stop all my supplements which include Milk Thistle, Multi-Vitamins, Cod-Liver Oil, Dandelion , Artichoke and Herbal Teas (although most of those have just started recently) if any I think it be Milk Thistle as thats the ONLY one ive been constantly taking, Milk Thistle is more likely the culprit if it were to be any of those...

anyone with answers/help would be great

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> I now think it may be allergy

Yes - exactly!!  Check for an allergy.  Your cold probably increased your auto-immune activity too, hence more ringing.  See my Journal entry for more on allergies and hearing problems.
Hi edsdev1

I went a week without my supps etc and it was just the same...bah!
ENT is 4 weeks away
how do I find your journal entry?

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