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Is this sinus pain?
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Is this sinus pain?

Two months ago I suddenly started feeling a pressure like feeling on both my cheekbones and behind my nose and on the side of my face infront of both my ears. Also pain in the back of my neck. I also started feeling generally unwell and lost my appetite. I have never had any sinus problems in my life, so was not sure if this is what I had, plus I did not have a runny nose or any other symptoms I always thought came with sinus problems. After a week of feeling like this, I came down with bronchitis, and I figured that the sinus pain must have been some sort of pre-cursor to the bronchitis. However, the bronchitis cleared about a month ago and I still have the other symptoms! They are driving me crazy! I was on a broad anti-biotic and then roxythromicyn for the bronchitis, which made the face pressure / pain and neck pain get better for a while, but now they are back again. As I said, I've never had any sinus problems, so I dont know if this is what I have? I dont have a runny nose or post nasal drip. Just pressure which comes and goes behind my nose,pressure which comes and goes under my eyes, always feeling like my nose is slightly blocked, and pain in the back of my neck. Is this typical of sinus problems?
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You need to make appt w/ an ENT & also ask if he could do a
'Coronal CT' order. Since it came on sudden & you have no
reg-symptoms, it could be acquired allergy that perhaps
inflamed sinuses or trapped particles. It's bilateral so it's
possibly fluid from that inflammation. When upper sinuses can't
work correct, the maxillary sinuses (under ea eye below bone
there). These make/replace fluid every 30 min. to cleanse.
Sounds like a build up. This can snowball into infection if not
addressed. It sounds like the bronchitis got fixed by antibio's
but the sinuses may have a different bacteria forming that needs
to break it loose to drain. An infection in 1 sinus can quickly spread to your others. It can also start causing earfullness &
then a new thing starts. Sometimes anti-inflammatories are used
before others. Gd-luck.
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