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Itchy Irritating red bumps on ears : ( : (

I woke up Monday morning with random bumps on the back of my neck but didn't pay it much attention. Then the next morning I woke up with itchy bumps on both my ears! :O
My ears and back of my neck are inflamed, bumpy, red and itchy it's unbelievable! I've never experienced something like this so I'm worried.
I haven't had any new foods, haven't been in any new environments, no new shampoo or soaps. No new detergents, no medications. I don't know of any allergies and even so as I mentioned nothing has changed recently!

I tried hydrocortisone which irritated it more and didn't provide any relief. I purchased benadryl cream but they're still itchy! It's been three days now and no relief. : (

Please if anyone experience this before or know what might be the cause provide some advice. Thank you
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