Maxillary Sinus Cyst
by kymoon, Nov 03, 2006
I have been diagnosed with Maxillary Sinus Cyst by my doctor.This came from the results of the CT Scan he had me do. I have bad headaches from the base of my skull that throb continuously. I do not understand how a cyst in my sinuses can make the base of my head throb with excessive headaches? Please define, and can these cyst cause severe headaches? I have researched and found no evidence of the link as yet.
Thank You
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by Demiguise, Nov 03, 2006
I'm very familiar w/ Maxillary cysts. Work very closely w/ ENT
to monitor this for conditions & fol-up CT's to ck. sz. If it
changes from just a cyst to enlargment w/ infection in maxillary
then you will get more symptoms & infection. It can be a cyst/
polyposis/polyp/or a rare condition. If severe symptoms start
w/ ear-pain/swelling of face-eye/temple pressure, be sure to
get back to ENT. Most of the time a cyst is just that but it
interferes w/ the air function in that sinus. I'll add a google
site to give you some misc info. As far as your neck, your
cervical spine works w/ your brain. Alot of nerves in there have
to crunch through a small skull base hole to tell the sinuses
what to do. If you've been in pain & arching nech w/ chin dwn
alot, it can cause tissue/disk inflammation & also msg sinuses
to do/don't do what they should. Using high pillow helps sinus
drain but curves neck. Head up/dwn w/ computer can pull on these
muscles/nerves to swell. Msg'g goes back/forth. Swell disks &
sinuses may act up or cause earfullness. If it's just your neck
that bothers you, adjust posture/keep chin straight/elevate the
computer w/ ph-bk, etc. Take some time w/ icepak or even bag of
frozen peas to lay neck on & relax. Maybe a C-spine scan will
help ck for neck curve/disk compression, etc. The sinuses & the
neck nerves do make contact somewhere but I can't do pictures
here. Just keep up w/ ENT w/ cyst found. Google w/ quotes:
"mucoceles of the paranasal"  click on 1st hit mentioning name
Carrie A Roller. Not light reading but explains problems w/
cysts & when endoscopic procedures may be needed. Gd-luck.
by chatty67, Dec 26, 2010
Nasal polyp or cyst in maxillary sinus-left side.  Has CT without, it measured 2 m.m.  Has CT one day later with contrast it measure 8 m.m.  What's up with that, only on one side!  Is it true if it is on one side only, should it be further investigated to rule out carcinoma?  Thanks!   Patty!
by Secbroom, Mar 15, 2011
Hello! Your story is all to similar to mine.. Today I had an MRI done of my head with worry that I had major problems going on since I had headaches and neckaches.. I found out the only hing that showed up to my relief was a sinus cyst.. I thought to myself a sinus cyst? I ran home and googled it and thought this isn't any of my symptoms? I thought it would for sure say neck ache at base of skull and headaches.. No such thing there? Just wondering if you found anything else out? I don't have another appointment until next week with neurologist and hope to get some answers then. If I do I will pass them your way. I pray you get well soon as I know it is miserable. Oh and by the way before I got MRI the neurologist said that I may have a condition known as ciali malfunction? It has alot of the same symptoms we have. But it came out clear. Just thought you may like to google that! I pray you get well soon.. Keep me posted as I will let you know if I find out anything as well... thank you!!
by caligirl54, Jun 02, 2011
I have been having a heavy/blocked feeling on the right side of my head for years.  Lately I have been having feelings of motion sickness and headaches,  numbness/tingling under my eye, face, neck and down my arms and in my toes.  I had an MRI of the brain and it showed I have a cyst in my sinus.  I am going in next week for a MRI of the spine/neck also. I see the ENT again this month.  I am miserable and scared.  

Can anyone tell me about their symptoms and how the treatment went?
If you had surgery, was it easy?  Thank you Demiguise for your info.
by davidroberts381, Dec 11, 2011
i get severe headaches between my eyes blurry vision sometimes my upper sinus area will tingle i feel drowsy a lot does the cyst  cause this i think so
by takeitout, Oct 15, 2013
just curious how many of you have any metal implants?
I've been experiencing all the same symptoms and had MRI which shows maxillary sinus cyst and prominent cervical lymph node and basal ganglia... Going to ENT tomorrow but sounds as if surgery isn't going to help so what next!!? I have a dental implant which I believe to be the cause of all this as it all started when I had it put in...