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Muffled Hearing in Ear
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Muffled Hearing in Ear

About two months ago my son began complaining about a difficulty hearing in his left ears  It went away for a while, then it returned.  He says it's not so much a loss of hearing, it's more of a feeling of something in his ear, making things sound muffled.  This is more in his left ear, though it occasionally happens in his right ear. His right ear usually just has a slight pain, which goes away quickly, which he has only experienced twice.  That could be from the cold though.

With both ears he is able to hear fine.  It usually feels like something is in his ear, so I thought something may be in it.  He trys to blow whatever may be in there out by plugging his nose and trying to exhale, thus popping his ear drums, but it doesn't seem to work, and I told him to stop, even though it temporarily helps his hearing, although not fixing it.

I took him to the doctors and they cleaned out his left ear, but it hasn't helped him.  He says the left one occasionally hurts, and he is very worried about it.  He does listen to a louder type of music for a majority of his day, so that may be a cause.  Please help me diagnose this.
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Hi there,

His symptoms sound similar to mine. I have muffled hearing problem in my left year since childhood. All my life I've mostly relied on my right year and have normal hearing. I also have an occasional pain in my right year which goes away after sometime. I find the pain usually goes away if I give my ear some rest in terms of taking a nap or just going somewhere where there's peace and quite for half hour.

I am 25 and I've had this problem ever since I can remember. I recently went to see an ENT specialist who did some xrays and it turns out that my hearing-bones in my left ear have frozen together. Therefore they fail to pass the sound wave vibrations to the inner ear. He suggested surgery in which they'll oprate thru my ear and try to "unfreeze" these bones. If not, they will remove the bones and replace it with an artificial bone. The chance of success is 90% and if the operation is not successful, I may loose the hearing in my left ear all together. That is what is holding me back at the moment but I'm still deciding.
This breathing exercise will help with the hearing problem.It works very gently and without side effects.You will be surprised how breathing helps the body to send more oxygen around the body to do repairs.

Anulom Vilom - Deep Breath-in through left nostril keeping right nostril closed
then  - Breath-out through right nostril keeping left nostril closed
then   -Deep Breath-in through right nostril keeping left nostril closed
then   - Breath-out through left nostril keeping right nostril closed
and repeat this cycle for upto 15 minutes. Maximum 3 times day.
Help the body to help you by this breathing technique.
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