Pain in bone behind ear
by lmg6868, Oct 30, 2010
Hi there,

For a week now the bone behind my ear has been very sore and tender to touch.  Over the week I have had on and off shooting pains going up from the bone up to the side of my head.  Also the odd shooting pain down my neck and the odd shooting pain down the side of my throat.  Glands on the same side of my neck are enlarged as well as one behind my ear.  The side and back of my head on the same side constantly aches and tingles.  On Monday I went to the Dr and got one lot of antibiotics.  These didn't improve anything so on Friday I went back and got a different lot of antibiotics.  I'm into my second day of taking them and still no change.  The Dr thinks it is an infection, but if it was, wouldn't antibiotics cure it?  I am very worried it is something much more serious, what could it be?  I am due to see my doctor again on Tuesday.

many thanks.

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