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Please help, I can't get rid of green mucus and snot!!! Advice? Pl...
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Please help, I can't get rid of green mucus and snot!!! Advice? Please read! Thx!

This is a long story. About 2 years ago I started getting thick green mucus congestion and snot. It would be in my throat every morning and I would have to spit every 15 minutes on average. Everytime I blew my nose, I would have a lot of dry looking mixed with wet looking green stuff, over a half dollar size most of the time.

I went to an ENT and was ordered a CT scan and then with the results he said he needed to open up my sinuses to let the infection drain as they were pretty closed up. The sinus procedure outpatient was really painless. I have not seen any results yet and it has been 2 months. I have went back twice to get my sinuses cleaned out and I also used sinus-rince irrigation that I bought to clean my sinuses.

I have another appointment in two weeks and I want to let the doctor know what is going on. With one nostril I had clear watery mucus and with the other green and now they are both green. Now after my surgery the green has gotten worse, coming out all the time like every 15 minutes I spit... It is the same as before my surgery but slightly worse.

I am wondering if the doctor did not open up my sinuses as much as he thought because now the green is coming out worse but won't clear up.

Before the surgery I was taking all different antibiotics off and on for like 2 years and I mean I never had this problem before 2 years ago... I was fine!!!! I am curious what is casuing this nasty smelly green snot and congestion. It is just nasty. I have to keep a cup close by and tissue, it is just nasty.

At first when I started taking anti-biotics it cleared up but then came back a few days later. I went and got more and was put on for over a month and this time it never went away... Nothing could get rid of this congestion.

I don't smoke or anything like that. Could this be allergies, I have 6 cats. I have had sinus problems before. When I was 11 I had a sinus polyps removed but that is all..... I am so upset that after surgery I still have this problem. Does anyone know what else it could be.

My ENT doctor said that besides anti-biotics surgery is the only thing and I have done both. Is there any reason I keep getting infections or they wont clear????? Can other health problems be linked with this because I have other physical health issues????/ Thanks for your responce...

I will keep watching so please repost and I will write you back,,,, please respond! Thanks!
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Next thing to try is food elimination. I would start with a gluten free diet.  I used to have greenish drainage from my sinuses.  I went on a gluten free diet to help other symptoms, but quickly noticed, for the first time in my life, that I no longer had green colored sinus drainage or any drainage.  I always wondered if it was a fungal/yeast type infection that would proliferate when I ate a gluten filled diet.  So the gluten free diet took away that problem.  Look the diet up on the internet - "gluten free diet" or celiac disease diet.  You will need to supplement your diet with vitamins (gluten free brands).

This is what helped me.  I hope it helps you.   Check with your doctor before trying this diet.
Even with expertly done surgery, if you don't remove all the infected mucus it can quickly grow back.  Antibiotics often don't work, because of the lack of blood circulation to the sinuses, and saline irrigation doesn't work well, because gravity pulls the saline out of your nose before it reaches the upper sinuses.

The technique I developed uses gravity, rather than fight it.  It used to be the last resort after surgery, but now surgery is the last resort, because this works very well.


The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground.
Get allergy skin tested...you seem to have something that is chronically irritating your nose/sinuses, probably making you more prone to infection. If that's negative, get a CBC, Chem7, and your immune globulin levels tested for common variable immunodeficiency, including checking tetanus and pneumococcal titers to see if your immune system is up to snuff.

During your surgery, a good specimen should have been taken so you can target the specific germ with the newer antibiotics available.  Either way, initially antibiotic treatment, along with steroid nasal sprays and Astepro (possibly even a course of oral prednisone) may be needed to clear it.  However, the causative problem will need to be addressed.  Most likely...chronic allergy.
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