Pressure in head, neck, dizziness, etc.
by scheshire, Jul 19, 2007
I had had this foggy feeling, slight dizziness, pressure in my frontal sinuses. I have had a CT of the brain, shows normal. I had a CT of the sinuses and it showed cists in my frontal sinuses. I went to an ENT and he stated that they are normal and nothing needed to be done for them. I also am experiencing pressure in my neck. I had an X-Ray of my neck done and they stated that they noticed spasms but that was it. So now, I am going to Neurologist next week to see what he can find. I have had chronic allergies all my life but nothing like this, I have never felt like this in my life. Sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out. This is crazy, I am 30 years old and should be living my life to the fullest with my family but I can’t because of this. I wish I could find out what is wrong so I could move on in my life. Any suggestions?
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by Tweet2007, Jul 19, 2007
I have all those same symptoms...   and after I have had a ct scan of neck, xray of chest, a tube down my nostril  -- I am now wondering if it isn't just something really weird with sinuses...  i have no allergies...  that i know of... i'm 43.  

I should mention that on May 30th I had a sonogram for different symptoms that were directed at thryoid.... then a biopsy...  all good...  However, we are convinced that they may just be two different issues after all those tests and coincidental they are occuring after thryoid symptoms...  

just last week i started with the above symptoms...
by scheshire, Aug 01, 2007
I have searched and searched for this problem on the internet and it seems as though no one has a solution to this problem but there are so many people with the same symptoms. I had a MRI last Friday, I am waiting for the results. From reading other forums everyone else has had the same tests with all results coming back normal. To date I have had the following tests:

CT (of head) = Normal
CT (of sinuses) = Normal
Blood Work = Normal
Physical = Normal
360 X-Ray of Neck = Normal (with signs of a mussel spasm)
MRI = Waiting for results

The next test to be set is a spinal tap. I also noticed that many of the people that have had the same issues either have had the problem for years or they have posted the problems and have not followed up. I wish I could find someone with a solid solution or cause for this so I could tell my doctors to head them in the right direction.
by BrandySny, Aug 03, 2007
Is it specific to one side of your neck?  Could it be a saliva gland and not a nasal passage?  It could be a salivary gland stone.  If it seems like it comes and goes, gets worse when you do something that could cause you to get dehydrated (drinking lots of caffeine, not drinking enough fluid, drinking alcohol) - it might be a salivary gland stone.  You will feel "clogged/swollen" on one side of your neck near the jaw - it can feel like an ear infection at times.  The reason it gets worse when you get dehydrated is your saliva thickens and a small non-obstructing stone that doesn't cause problems under normal circumstances could cause the gland to get backed up when the thicker fluid tries to pass around it.  Good luck!
by scheshire, Aug 06, 2007
I received my results from my MRI and they are thinking that they see a tumor in the pituitary gland area. I need to go in and have further imaging of the pituitary gland area to determine for sure that is what they are seeing. I have read lots on the internet about this tumor and it appears this might be the cause.

Not sure what the next step is after the MRI.
by bweb, Aug 10, 2007
Hey there, I, too have had ongoing symptoms which are still undiagnosed, unsteadiness, pressure and sometimes headache over eyes, top of head, feeling tired.  Had MRI of head, blood tests, etc.

Did your blood tests show anything?  Let me know what happens...bw.eb
by Daniel Mac, Aug 12, 2007
I have the same symptoms..dizziness, presure in my head over the eyes, cant focuse sometimes..I went to my doctor and he first said I had ear infection..gave me med. but didn't help..went back to doc.. he then said I had fluid buildup..took med for that..still nothing..he then sent me to an ent doc. they did a ear test on me and it wasn't good..my left ear was really bad and my right ear was better but not that good..all my problems are coming from my left ear..I first noticed it when I was outside in the heat and came home and sat in front of the air cond.I turned my neck to the left and had a pain from my shoulder up to the back of my neck..thats when I noticed I had this ringing in my ear that drove me crazy..my ENT diagnosed the problem as "BENIGN POSITION VERTIGO" gave me a excercise to do..said it would make the dizziness go away 75% efective..laying my head over the edge of the bed and then slightly turning my head to the left at a 45 degree angle..I got really dizzy.. this is suppose to set my crystals back to where they are suppose to be..you cant turn to the left for 48 hours..no sleeping on your left side for 3 days..it's hard not to do I know..but it did seem to help some..I also had an MRI done and I am still waiting on the results..this is so crazy to see all these people on here with the same symptoms..I feel 4 u all..it drives me insane....presure in my head all the time and feeling I can't walk a straight line..can't even work right now..I hope someone finds a cure or something that will help..my bills can't get paid if I don't work..thanks for listening...and good luck to everyone...
by DaveC500, Aug 13, 2007
My symptoms are very similar. the pressure in the neck neck cracks alot my head feels weird all the time ,my right ear constantly rings. I get tired after a few hours of office work. I have had two ear surgerys for infection. And know I have had chest cavity pain for going on two months.I am 36 and hope someone can tell me whats going on.
by MKNZ, Aug 15, 2007
by scheshire, Aug 15, 2007
All blood tests have come back normal, had some more blood work done and are waiting for those results. In addition I just had a second MRI specifically for them to look at the pituitary gland and now we are waiting for those results as well. If the results from this second MRI come back with the cyst not causing my problems, then the doctor will order a spinal tap to be done.