Rapid skin growth/sloughing in ear canal
by jaydn, Jul 08, 2009
My problem seems to be a mirror of that mention here:

Excerpt from that post:
"It randomly varies in severity but eventually (every two weeks to every two months) the ears have to have large pieces of skin removed from the ear canal, sometimes even in cast form of the entire canal including the eardrum.  They are usually fairly wax laden as well.  The ear canal skin under that which is removed is occasionaly red and inflamed, but not usually, and the characteristic signs of psoriasis have never been present.  It is somewhat itchy, but very much so upon touch and skin extraction."

I have visited my ENT multiple times over the past two months and have had what I consider massive amounts of sloughed off skin removed from both ears.  The last visit was eight days from the previous one and even given the short time frame a large amount of skin was removed.

I have found many mentions of similar problems around the internet, but none seem to focus on the root cause or a cure.  Further, they do not address this extremely rapid build up of skin within the ear.
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by Shgb, Oct 01, 2009
Contact Dr. Max Chartrand @ Tel: 866-864-6449 or ***@****

I'm certain he will be able to help you and others. Today I went to see him and he helped me with similar issue. He is a specialist in ears, not just an ENT, but a researcher.

by Shgb, Oct 01, 2009
Below is a link with information:


The email address in the previous post did not show. Go to http://digicare.org/staff.htm and you will find his email address.
by Mezei, Nov 23, 2009
Were you helped?

I seem to have the same problem.
by jaydn, Jun 03, 2010
Sorry for such a late reply, I have not been on this site for months.

While I still suffer from this problem, it is significantly reduced.  My ENT was never able to resolve anything, he simply kept trying all sorts of different things without any particular diagnosis of the problem.  

However, my dermatologist did make a diagnosis.  I have sporadic bouts of dermatitis, primarily on my scalp.  When I told my dermatologist about the condition he looked at my ears and told me that the same or similar problem was causing the problems in my ears.  There is no "cure" for the dermatitis, but I have kept it under control with various prescription solutions.  Initially, I took the dermatologists recommendation and began using some of those solutions on the outer part of my ear canal and this significantly reduced the problem.

I found a new ENT and shared all of the above with him.  He now has me on a few prescriptions to better deal with the problem.  One is steroid drops that I put into my ears nightly and the other is a nasal inhaler meant primarily for allergy relief.  I do not have the specific prescription names with me ... I will post later.

The end result of this is that I now can manage the situation fairly well and visit my ENT every 2 to 6 months for a review and often for a "cleaning".