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Septoplasty & Turbinate reduction - my experience & a Q!
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Septoplasty & Turbinate reduction - my experience & a Q!

Hiya ... i want to post my story on septoplasty & inferior turbinate reduction for anyone having it as i have heard some horror stories on a website calle 'empty nose syndrome' (which being the hypocondriact i am i was convinced i had this after my surgery - i dont!!
i had to have my pre op check the day before my op. and i am terrified of needles!! but had to have a blood test (which i had without numbing for the 1st time!!) and go through some Q&A's and risks which i got a little worried about but the most common are bleeding and infection - which is prettty normal.
I went in on the next morning for the op and i was hysterical litterally - crying my eyes out - i even said i think i have a cold so that they might not put me through for the op!! i was hungry and thirsty too. not eaten or drank since the night before due to the aneasthetic. basically my point is i am a TOTAL WIMP (they had to give me a tamazipan to calm me down) and i got through this surgery fine.
After the op i woke up and was fine - GA doesnt leave me with that hungover feeling luckily. i felt odd as i never breathe through my mouth - so having packing, splint and a gauze was a bit much for me - after about half hour you get used to it though even if you do sound weird when you are trying to talk - this is not even worth attempting at first, rather uncomfortable!
After my family had gone home i started to feel really hot - this was because of the cocaine paste they use on the roof of your mouth. my heart rate averaged 120 the whole night through and only died down in the morning.
Sleeping with the gauze on was ghastly, i have a small face and everytime i drank it got wet and didnt dry out so sleeping was out of the question and severly uncomfortable. i was also spitting alot of blood but it was not painful.
Next morning i had my painkillers, anti inflam and anti infection tablets - which i took during the night aswell. had to have some toast which was really hard to eat with the gauze on!! I couldnt taste it either at around 11 the doctor came in and said the gauze and packing can be removed so they placed some ice on my nose to solidify any blood. The removal of the packing was really odd and uncomfortable but not all that painful - once it gets past a certain point it kind of tickles.
After the packing is removed (one nostril at a time) you do have a nose bleed for about 10-15 mins really odd feeling as i had never had one. Then you are left with the splints. i could breathe for about 10 mins but then the bleeding stopped and i couldnt.
Once i was home i had not much pain but took my meds and had a hard time breathing / eating / sleeping for the whole week until they took out my splints. Everything i ate tasted like wither nothing or off gravy ... minging!! i felt like i had a serious cold throughout this week and continued to do my saline wash for the next 2 weeks. I REALLY reccomend steaming your face as well it loosens everything and makes the saline wash work slightly better.
After splints were removed i could breathe pretty much as normal, although the air was really cold to begin with but my nose soon climatized. Although it was a slow process (the final bit came out last week) the clots of dried gunk started to come out after i began the saline washes and steaming. Up until last week i still had a little bit of blood in my spit - nothing to worry about.
The only thing im concerned about now is my internal stitch that does not seem to dissolve - especially the knot part? Does part of it fall out only it seems to be getting longer? i had the op on 2nd october it is now the 30th. can anyone advise me on the dissolving process?
Thanks!! I hope my story has got rid of any nasty thoughts!
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Congratulations on making it through!

First off, 'empty nose syndrome' is only a risk for sinus surgery (not septoplasty or turbinate *reduction*) when too much anatomy is removed.

Most docs in my area do not pack noses with gauze after septoplasty/turbinate reduction.  Not sure why you had that.  Sometimes we don't even put anything in the nose at all.

Likely an absorbable stitch was used in your nose.  It can take several weeks to dissolve or fall out.  If it's still bugging you, just have your surgeon snip it off in the office.  No big deal.

Enjoy your improved breathing!!
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