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Should i be worried about this feeling of uncomfort in my ears and head...
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Should i be worried about this feeling of uncomfort in my ears and head ?? please help me

Im 18 and i have the same feeling of my ears being blocked and having to try constantly yawn to try releave it. my head also feels clogged. i guess the best thing would be to go to the doctor. but i feel silly like im worrying over nothing ???
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Avatar dr f tn
Hello and hope you are doing well.

There are tubes called 'Eustachian  tubes' which connect the middle ear to the throat, this balances the air pressure in the ears. This tube can get  blocked due to infections of the throat, which can give lead to a feeling of fullness in the ears. This can also result in infection of the ears. The blocked ears can be opened up by the valsalva maneuver, where air is blown into the cheeks against a closed nostrils, this sometimes helps to open up the tubes. Steam inhalations can help clear the tube. Please consult your family physician.  

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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