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Sinus / Allergy Issues or HIV?
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Sinus / Allergy Issues or HIV?

I had potentially unprotected (insertive) male on male sex in October of 2011.  I say "potentially" because I was intoxicated but I thought at the time I had on a condom.  

At the end of November of 2012 I started developing what I thought was a sinus issue that I get due to allergies 3 or 4 times a year.  Symptoms have persisted off and on now for over three months.  Some of my symptoms are as follows;

Stuffy nose
Post nasal drip - December
Itchy scaly eyebrows - november
Oral herpes - off and on now and for many many years
clogged ears - off an on since December
Night Sweats - December
Fatigue - December
Lack of Concentration, Dizzy, lightheaded - December
numb, tingly hands and feet - December and hot foot (bottom) now
High blood pressure - since December - now on meds
tinnitus - since December
Off and on loose stools and upset stomach - Once every few weeks since December
External hemorrhoid - came up a few weeks ago but has since gone away.  
Dry mouth - now
possible oral thrush - not sure (rough patch inside left cheek)

I have strong mold, and tree and grass allergies.  I live in an area of Texas (Austin) that may be the worst for allergy sufferers.  I was much better in February but March has brought back the clogged ears, tinnitus, and severally stuffy nose.  I have had this for 2 1/2 weeks now.  

Back in December I was on 4 weeks of antibiotics for an infection which helped me heal.  I am not currently on antibiotics but I am on steroid nose sprays, zyrtec and singulair and nothing seems to help. The ringing, clogged ears and stuffy nose are killing me.

Is this primary HIV or do I just need to get a better control on my allergy issues?
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I would get tested to put your mind at ease...and so that you don't spread it if it is HIV.
As far as most of those symptoms go? Sounds like typical ( and some not so typical ) allergy symptoms.
As you age, your allergies change as well...so you may have picked up some new ones along the way.
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What I have now is;

1) clogged ears - I blow them out every so often during the day
2) Very loud tinnitus
3) Stuffy nose - constantly blowing out mucous
4) irregular bowel movements - not loose - just not healthy and not regular
5) canker sore on lip
6) irregular skin patch on inside of left cheek - this is new

I will get healthy for a few weeks - with limited tinnitus and then the pollen and molds kick up and I am back to this state.

I just need some relief to feel good.  I take zyrtec and a steroid nasal spray and nothing seems to help.  
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