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Sinus, numb face, tremors, fatigue.
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Sinus, numb face, tremors, fatigue.

Back in Oct had issue where had the feeling of something stuck in my sinus. It went on for a month or two of constantly not being able to get the object out of my throat. I went to various doctors and they all sent me to allergy doctors and pretty much anyone who wouldn't check my sinuses out. I finally went to a ENT and by the time I got to him I finally felt better by that point but obviously he didn't see anything since I think whatever it was finally let go.

I then had a what I call an attack of my neck, head, right chest and right arm being numb along with tremors in right arm and neck. I went into hospital and they checked me out and once again they said there was nothing wrong.

Since then I really haven't felt better. I continue to have sinus issues with the feeling of something being stuck. It will eventually clear itself and I can spit out what I would say is balls of infection. It has a infection smell to it and looks like hard pus. I do also get nosebleed when this is going on and is a constant battle.

At the same time I have been having others symptoms as well. Face is completely numb all the time and other body parts going numb on and off. You name it, it goes numb at some point. Besides numbness other symptoms are kidney stones and pain, tremors, fatigue, and the never ending ringing in my ear.

I have been seeing a neurologist since my brother and sister both have ms and have gotten MRI done. They have found lesions on my brain but none are active. Original neuro found six and 2 yrs later different neuro found 14.  They all sent me down to MS neuro with symtoms (symptoms) I am having and he pretty much dismissed all my symptoms with some reasoning down to coffee is creating my tremors. For the record, one cup of coffee a day for probably 20 years with no tremors until this all started in Oct. Spine MRI was also clear.

Along with all the blood test and spinal tap, all was clear.

After seeing so many doctors, I am really at a loss. Last year at this point I was mountain climbing and hit 5 14,000 ft mountains. Since having these issues I can barely make it through a day of work. I workout 3 days a week and am not overweight.

I feel I am kinda getting a raw deal with doctors since they all refer me to other doctors and in the long run, they always fall short of having all my records and usually dismiss my symptoms as if I am a child who has no idea what my body feels like. It is really putting a strain on family and marital issues since I was a very active individual who like to go and do things but since I always feel like ****, I really am just a bum now. It is really getting old and at this point, I have no idea what way to even go.

Any recommendations would be great.
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You are not a bum nor a hypochondriac, and your doctors are competent.  Your problems are just outside common medical knowledge, which is frustrating not just to you, but also to your doctors, so what else can they do but dismiss?  

You do have a sinus infection (which may be only part of the problem), otherwise nasty balls would not be draining into your throat and causing that blocked feeling.  Since you have few other symptoms of sinusitis, it may possibly be a fungal infection, which could be causing inflammation of the brain and the nerves coming out of it.

Here is the only way to get rid of undetectable sinus infections, short of surgery, especially in the upper sinuses, which are the ones that more often cause nerve problems.

The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground.  And wth, you climb 14's anyway.

The sinus problems may be a symptom of something else, perhaps an inflammation of the brain and the nerves coming from it.  I recommend The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman MD.  It has a lot of science to wade through, but is also practical.  Some physicians think he is a nut, but probably the same ones who think you are a nut.

He's just doing something (functional medicine) that the Chinese have known for centuries, and a practical guide to that is Asian Health Secrets by Letha Hadady, which also gives treatments for system inflammations.

Also, continue if you can to see other doctors, as you may find the one with insight into your problem.
Junior you are making this stuff up. You do indeed have tonsilitus which is causing your ear nose and throat problems which is brought on by Candida. the swelling can cause the tremors and numbness from being so swollen.... check out probiotics here's to your good health!!
Hi junior please I am in despair, I to started with a sinus infection in oct and have been in hospitail this last weekend with back tremours, bloods were fine so was sent home. I am so scared hate going to bed because I wake to these tremours. Tell me please did u get any further with this, questions answered, my probs are almost identical to yours, they think my tremours are stress and anxiety related. Sure doesnt feel like it to me. :( Debbie
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