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Sinusitis? Something is WRONG with me!
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Sinusitis? Something is WRONG with me!

Hello, my name is Nicole. I need any advice that I can get! I have experianced difficulties in the last few months that have dramatically reduced the quality of my life, and I am only 25 years old.

For the last two years or so, I have been "diagnosed" with Bronchitis several times (which I'm not sure is significant or not). I began having slight problems with thick mucus draining into my throat and the sensation that my head was always plugged. I stopped being able to really smell anything as well.  It became more and more frequent, and I often treated it is a cold or figured it was my re-occuring Bronchitis. I eventually got used to feeling this way all of the time. I also have been having to snort the mucus up through my head and out my mouth (gross, I know) since often it will not blow out through my nose. WhenI can blow some of it out, I still feel blockage up that I am not getting out.

About five months ago, this got increasingly worse and began to effect me significantly at night. I breathe almost exclusively through my nose, so I was becoming unable to sleep. I started having more and more restless nights where I felt like I could not get air when I laid down. In the morning, my cough was particularily bad.

About two months ago, this breathing/sinus situation got so bad that I started having panic attacks. They are terrible and feel so real. I literally cannot breathe through my nose and nothing I do helps one bit. I started to see this condition takes it toll of my life in every area. I went to a specialist immediatley.

The specialist scoped my nose, and ordered a CT scan. When he scoped my nose, he said that I might have sinusitis. He explained that he saw a large amount of scar tissue in my nose and up my sinus cavities. He said the CT looked fine. I was prescribed Levaquin and a steroid pack. I took all of the steroids and they did nothing to make me feel better. The Levaquin seemed to help a little, I noticed more mucus (very colorful) being discharged for a few days and I could breathe a little better FOR A WHILE. A few days later, the symtoms (symptoms) came back. My head was clogged, I would blow my nose and nothing would come out, and eventually more PANIC ATTACKS. It always feels like there is something in my throat because I am "snorting" so much and eventually my throat gets sore too.

THE PANIC ATTACKS AND SEVERE PROBLEMS ONLY OCCUR WHEN I AM LYING DOWN! This has caused me to lose sleep and recently, my job. I have tried saline rinses, allergy medicine and sprays, diet and excercise, and Afrin. The Afrin made me feel MUCH better but when I tried to stop taking it, I felt like I wanted to eat a pistol.

What could it be? My ENT says that he sees lots of scar tissue, but seems reluctant to believe me regarding the severity of the situation or do anything serious about it. Has anyone else experinaced anything like this? I feel crazy because nobody understands. It's three in the morning, I am tired as hell, but afraid to sleep. I am alright during the day, but at night I feel like I am suffocating. Once I fall asleep, my fiancee says that I am fine. No sleep problems, and I am comfortable. HELP!!!
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I've experienced all that, and more.  Check out the Mayo Clinic to see what's causing your problem.


The article says that radical changes are needed for treatment, and that is what I have developed.
The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush will wash all the infected snot out of your head and you will resume breathing normally within 2 weeks and the infected snot will stop causing bronchitis.

You are young enough to not have to worry about falling in the shower when doing the flush.  Click on the blue "friggy" on the left to find my journal with the instructions.

The bad news is that the scarring may or may not have narrowed the ostia (the drainage holes for sinuses) so the infected snot may not be draining properly.  Your ENT can look and see if you need surgery to open them.

Good luck
The breathright strips might help at night for you to be able to breath through your nose untill what friggy says to do kicks in.............:-) The open the airways a little more.
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