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Sistrunk procedure after hyoid bone fracture
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Sistrunk procedure after hyoid bone fracture


I have a hyoid bone fracture in right greater cornu.
It has complications: clicking in throat while swallowing (caused by hyoid bone clicking on the thyroid cartilage).

Doctors tells me that they can fix it by Sistrunk procedure (removing the body of hyoid). And they tells that there're no complications after such surgery.

But I have a doubt.

The fracture is in right side of the bone, more righter than the point of bone cut of Sistrunk procedure.
There're many muscles connected to this bone.
If excision of such big part of bone will be done, will it affect to my abilities to swallow, to speak? What they will do with muscles connected to this bone?

Thanks for your help.

The fracture in on the left side of the CT picture.
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The only possible complications I've seen are:

Infection in the wound
Obstruction to breathing
(This can occur if bleeding under the would causes excess swelling)

You'll have a bit of discomfort for a few days ( feels like having strep throat )
and you'll either be given pain relievers to take home or you'll be told to take Tylenol or such.
Swallowing and speaking may hurt for a few days.
Thyroid scans and thyroid function studies are ordered preoperatively; this is important to demonstrate that normally functioning thyroid tissue is in its usual area.
The only permanent problem may be a scar.

Hope that helps.
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