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Sore throat, pasty white toungue, ear pain, swollen lymph glands
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Sore throat, pasty white toungue, ear pain, swollen lymph glands

I've had a VERY sore throat now for about six days.
It burns even to drink water sometimes.
My toungue is coated with a white layer.
The lymph nodes under my jaw got swollen yesterday.
Now one of my ear hurts as well.
I'm having a really hard time trying to eat anything.
The first couple of days I was very weak, slept all day and had a mild fever.
I took a three day plan antibiotic recommended by an over the counter doctor from day 2 to day 5.
Anti inflammatory medicine, and suck pills to help with the pain.
The white tongue manifested yesterday. I thought it was because of so much medication and almost no food. I've tried to drink water as much as I can. The pasty coating is not in spots, it's more like if I had passed a paint brush on it with plaster.
I have no other symptoms besides a mild cough that started today (to me it was a good sign, like the body is reacting).
But the swollen glands and pasty tongue tell me otherwise. And of course, the part I most hate: Feeling like I put alcohol on an open wound every time I try to even drink water.
I'm going to see a doctor again today, but I was hoping for some advice.
(I also have drank aloe soaked water, boiled rosemary water gargling, camomile tea).

My wife had the same thing, but not as severe about a week before I did, and it seems these kind of infections take about a week to incubate.
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You've done all you can for now.
The tongue issue could be caused by the medication, thrush, etc.
You'll have to wait until you see the doctor for more help. The doctor should do a swab to check for strep throat...this is important as strep can quickly turn into a more serious meningitis problem.

Wishing you the best.
Reconsult the physician.  
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