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Sphenoid Sinus - soft tissue mass
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Sphenoid Sinus - soft tissue mass

After 17 years of vibrating, clicking, static noises and movement in my left ear, hundreds of Drs. visits, exploratory surgery blah blah blah.  I got an MRI with contrast.(not my 1st one) It was quite extensive.  I went to Johns Hopkins.  This particular Doctor saw a soft tissue mass in the sphenoid sinus area.  According to his expertise, he said the bones that surround the dark area hole of the sphenoid sinus - the one on the left side broke/disinergrated whatever, and the soft tissue spilled into that area.  This is POSSIBLY the reason for this constant torture of noise, clicking,movement. as this could be putting pressure on nerves and muscles in that area.  Not a positive medical conclusion admittedly by him also. My question was,:  can you remove soft tissue in that area, no - maybe we could push it back and put bone to hold it in - but never done before - Not life threatening - not cancer Thank God, however, my life is HELL.  There is never any peace, always noise, irritation, to the point where it is painful.  Have you ever heard of this?  Can they put a needle in there to pull that tissue out?  Does this make any sense to you? This was not seen by them nor have they ever operated on anyone for this. Desperate in New York
Well it seems that you've already seen one of the best. I have heard marvelous stories of that hospital...and I'm in Canada.

Welcome to the world of living hell. Many of us here can sympathize with you. I have Meniere's, so I hear stuff all the time too.
Some days it's so bad that you think of "permanent ways" to end it all.
We know how you feel.
If the doctor said that there was no way to fix something that he doesn't even know is causing the problem, there are only two options left.
You could seek the advice of another doctor or you could talk to a psychiatrist.
Sometimes, things just can't be explained medically...and seeing a psychiatrist can help. I'm NOT saying that it's all in your head, I'm just saying that maybe you need to talk to someone who help you through this.
My neighbor has had tinnitus for 47 years now...every single day of his life he hears nothing but loud noises that no one else can hear. He can barely hear the outside world anymore...even with a hearing aid.
He has tried "the unthinkable " several times in the past. He started to see a psychologist, and his life has improved greatly.
His disease no longer rules him or his life.

Try posting on the undiagnosed forum. They can probably tell you how to find a doctor ( and I know there is one down in the States ) that specializes in " odd dilemmas ".
Another forum to try is Alternative therapies. They have some wonderful people over there who know a lot about  " weird " issues.
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