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Strange problem,please HELP
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Strange problem,please HELP

Hello everybody.
Since this afternoon I'm experiencing a strange hearing problem.
Playing the guitar i noticed something was wrong:
I play a note and I hear the right note in the right ear, and in the left ear i hear a lower one.
For example, playing A 440 Hz i hear 440 hz in the right ear, and 400hz in the other one (don't know if
it is 400hz, 420hz or whatever, just to let you know i hear a slightly lower note).
Don't know if this can help, but I have measles since 8 days.
I called my medic and he told me to wait until monday, then go to the specialist if the problem continues.
I work with music so I'm really worried, so if anyone has an idea please answer me.
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No, DON'T wait til Monday. See the EAR SPECIALIST NOW, or go to the emergency room.

I believe the measles virus is one of those suspected to cause hearing loss. You may need immediate treatment to avoid permanent hearing loss. You need to see an ear specialist to evaluate this, NOW.

Please read Dr. Eric Wilkinson's post on sudden hearing loss on this site!

How did you get the measles, anyway? Haven't you been vaccinated?
Avatar n tn
unfortunately I havent been vaccinated,
i'll go to the emergency so

it's sunday so no specialist open i think.


if anyone has other suggestions, please tell.
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