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Swollen tonsil post - tonsillitis
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Swollen tonsil post - tonsillitis

Hi all,

On tues 15th of July I went to the docs, and was diagnosed with tonsillitis and given antibiotic, a course lasting seven days. I had all the usual symptoms.. swollen tonsils with white puss, headaches and neck ache, slight fever, felt ill and dizzy. These symptoms started to clear up a couple of days into the antibiotics, and the pain and white marks left both tonsils.

However, on the Saturday (19th) I noticed my right tonsil (the one which was first sore in the first place) was starting to get sore again. I continued to take the antib's, but it kept getting worse, and on the following Tuesday 22nd of July, I finished the course of tablets, with my right tonsil now feeling swollen and sore.

Went to a drop in centre on Monday 21st, who told me that the tonsil did look a little swollen and it may be the start of qinsy, but there was nothing there to suggest that at that time, so they told me to see if the swelling went down on its own. Saw a locum doc on Wed 23rd, who said the same thing about the swelling, although he said it wasn't quinsy, as if it was I would be feeling very unwell and probably in hospital by now. Saw my own doctor on Friday and another since, who both said that it does look quite swollen, but there is no sign of tonsillitis infection on either side now, and that sometimes the tonsils can take a while to return to their normal size.. and that if it is swollen, it's a good sign, because it indicates that the tonsil is doing its job and fighting infection.

My right tonsil doesn't seem to be showing any signs of going down some 10 days after I finished the antibiotics, and two weeks after it started flaring up again, and I'm still getting intermittent pains in my neck that move all round the right side, and underneath my chin just above the adams apple, and ear ache. My throat itself feels swollen on the same side, i'm guessing this is lymph nodes? I get a headache from time to time, but other than these, I have no other tonsillitis symptoms, I generally don't feel ill or have a fever etc, and I've been in work all week, but it's starting to worry me now that it still hasn't gone away.

Has anyone else had a similar experience at the end of tonsillitis, or does anyone know how much longer I can expect this one sided swelling to last? The left side seems perfect. Or does anyone think it could be something else? It would seem odd to me that I could have tonsillitis/strep throat and then have an unrelated problem with one of my tonsils, but I'm still a bit worred. It'll be three weeks this tuesday since I first contracted it, and I've been living like a saint to try and get rid of it, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Also, would alcohol aggravate it? i.e if i drank a pint or two of beer would it flare up a problem like this that might otherwise be dying down?

Thanks in advance
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Avatar n tn
Did you ever find out what was wrong with you?  

I have the same symptoms:

- Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck on Right Side
- Ear Pressure / Pain
- Stiffness in Neck
- Painfully Aggrivated by Alcohol.

I also have one you didn't mention:

- tonsil stones, primarily on the right side.

Post back if you have any info please.
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