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Tightness in throat - almost feels like being choked
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Tightness in throat - almost feels like being choked

I have no idea what this is.  It started about a week ago.  I have a sensation almost like someone has a hand wrapped around my throat.  Could this be a thyroid issue?  Any input?  Thanks!
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A few different things can cause this symptom.  The thyroid can do this, but this is probably one of the less likely things.  Acute thyroid inflammation or acute enlargement of a nodule could case this sensation.  More commonly, this symptom is related to irritation and inflammation in the throat and voice box -- be it from reflux, allergies, food intolerance or a virus.  If this persists, you may need to go in and have this checked out so that a proper diagnosis can be made and appropriate treatment started.
Thank you for your reply.  I will call my general practitioner on Monday and see what she has to say.  I am also getting over a cold and realized these sensations started right before the cold symptoms.  
so, I have the same problem but have much more to say... The following scenario has been for 2 years

Tightness in entire neck... likely caused by commencement of the following activities about 2 years ago: 1. Weight lifting 2. bike riding 3. swimming with head out of water mostly (i.e., cocked up) 4. extensive singing (mostly incorrectly - from throat as opposed to the correct method.
Also, periodically when doing certain shoulder weight lifting, I feel a concentrated 'point' of sharp (not oppressive) pain in, approximately, the center of the upper rt quadrant of my back.
Also, I feel extreme tightness throughout the entire back of my neck (I actually feel something like 1/2-3/4 inch twisted wire. Also,Vertical (along length of neck) pain/fatigue feeling at 3 and 9 o clock.  

Also, can't sing properly.  Range not there, breath duration terrible, voice quality (richness, etc) not there.  Actually hurts to sing most of the time.  

I have been to the following doctors, etc..
In the passt 2 years been to
an ENT specialist (probe in nose down to throat) no problems visible
GBMC Voice clinic (3 visits) (probe/recording in throat) no problems visible (Interestingly, on last visit here, neck was especially tight. I believe, commensurately, my throat was more sensitive to probe in throat (as if throat 'skin' was more contracted/constricted/closer together such that I could feel the probe touching me in there)
Chiropractor (x rays only showed 1 degenerating disc - upper area)
General practioner (x ray was satisfactory such that MD gave me 4 days of Flexeril (started to feel better then out of pills.  Also, My right upper quadrant of my back was so tired/sore - as if it had done excessive weight lifting for hours (focused on that area)
Someone gave me a 5mg (i think, not 10mg) pill of Valium and I seem to recall (with 90% certainty) that for next couple of hours I could sing properly. Dont remember about pain was driving for 2 hours just focused on singing)

The following scenarios provide some relief (not in any order)
1. Yoga (primarily a particular aspect focusing on relaxing face and throat muscles) throat/neck seem to fell better and could sing much better more powerfully just after practice (then back to tightness and pain)
2. heating pad
3.recently using some cold pack
4. Massage therapy
5. focusing on relaxing face and throat (I can focus here and actually feel tingling throughout face - I believe the tension is being released)
6. Moving shoulders back- seems to relieve pressure or something feel light tingling in neck and face)
7. Sitting back in sofa with computer up higher provides more 'agreeable' ergonomics such that not as bad of neck pain.
8. That Valium and Flexeral

Well, that's about it.  I'm nervous about pursuing prescription for Valium due to side effects (may exacerbate depression that I feel now, addictive, need to work, can't feel tired through day, etc..).  
I talked to someone who told me physical therapy for a couple of months fixed a similar issue (therapy included cold treatment, exercises relating to proper posture (i.e., holding shoulders back, repeatedly pushing shoulders back)  this does seem to release pressure momentarily)

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