Tonsil stones
by worried0817, Oct 23, 2006
For the past few months I have been noticing that when I would wake up I would have tiny little balls of stuff...it would happen every so often.  I have bad allergies with constant post nasal drip and flem, so I was just thinking it was something like that. Just this past week, I had had a sore throat for about a week withmy left tonsil totally swollen and red.  After a few days I really tried to look at them with a flash light and I saw two white dots.  i automatically thought it was an infection, but the more I looked and felt them, they seemed wierd.  Finally they both came out, they were larger than I had had before, about the size of a large pea... well I have them often , but obviously cant see them till I'm in pain.  I'm 24 years old and hate having this feeling in my throat with the bad taste in the back of my throat.. is this really tonsil stones? Thanks!
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by higgy, Oct 24, 2006
What you're referring to is tonsilloths....they're benign, but do cause some discomfort, and some worry with those who have them.  I have had them most of my life...the cause comes from having cryptic tonsils...either genetically, or becuase of recurrent infections...a water pik is wonderful at removing them...there's really not a treatment for it...but if they keep coming back and are bothersome, the only treatment is a tonsilectomy.  Good luck!
by niksmom, Nov 16, 2006
Hi there i just read your post and i am experiencing the same thing. i've had it for years and i can understand your discomfort in the matter.  i have been told that having your tonsils removed will not help, it will only cause the stones to form further down your throat.  Gargling with salt and warm water on a daily basis will really help, or try mouthwash.good luck
by freshbreath1, Dec 06, 2006
Hi there,

Usually after eating potatoe chip, french fries or cassava I get tonsil stones.  When i asked my Dentist about it, he said usaully this happens after eating starchy foods.  So, I try to cleans my palette with yogurt after eating a starchy meal.  Or just gargle with salt H20.  Knowing is half the battle....
by massolteron, Dec 16, 2006
I get them all the time. They stink--literally and figuratively. Every one one of my brothers and sisters has them too, along with my father. We all inherited my dad's wonderful post nasal drip, allergies, and sinus issues.

I, too, use a water pick. Gargle each day. They are a nuisance but there's not much you can do, and you could be severely worse off :) Just another non-life-threatening annoyance to live with.

Good luck, and get a water pick to help flush them away.
by Jemmy, Sep 10, 2007
I have the exact same problem and it is getting me really down, about 10 minutes ago I managed to bring up yet another bundle of joy!  Have been trying all day and have given myself a sore throat and coughing up blood.

I try to fish them out with my finger but I cannot even see them when looking into my throat.  Am going to the doctors in the morning as I want something done about it.  I hate the constant bad taste and bad breath when the balls get rather big.

Any other tips on getting them out without wretching all the time???
by coco222oo7, Sep 10, 2007
I have those and my doctor removed my tonsels he couldn't believe what they looked like if you have had mutiple infections it should be easier to get them removed. Take arnica a herb that prevents swelling it really works.
by lizzystoned, Sep 21, 2007
Has anyone ever had ear problems or vertigo from these stones?  I have been getting them for about six months.  Recently I had severe vertigo-- went to the doc and asked if it could be related to this -- he says no, but then a few days later one came out and poof my vertigo was gone.  Doc says its a coincidence.  I think not.
by Nisi, Sep 29, 2007
yes - i think it's related, but indirectly.  if you get the tonsil stones, likely from the excess mucus - ergo sinus issues.... then ear problems are not far behind.  for me, having sinuses prone to infection, it never surprises me when i fly that i always have problems with my ears - pain, clogging that i can't ever seem to unclog (sometimes take a couple days after we land before the ears decide they want to unclog on their own)...   so earlier this year when i went on a 3 day cruise, and i had mysterious dizziness and random lightheadedness and feeling like i was going to faint for TWO WEEKS after the cruise, somehow this didn't shock me, given my ear history.  I wasn't even sure if it was from the cruise, the plane trip to/from the cruise, or both.  i should note that in my efforts to avoid ear pain on the plane, i wore these industrial ear plugs (factory worker-grade), which helped with the clogging problems, but when i got the dizziness, i started to wonder if i screwed up my equilibrium.
just some things to think about, but personally i don't think it's a coincidence either.  if you find a method that works best for you that clears up sinus issues, therefore drying up the mucus ( = less tonsil stony grossness), perhaps the vertigo will abate in time.  good luck :)