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Uninsured, need care!

A few years ago (March 2004) I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis after a bout with the flu. I took the round of antibiotics (amoxicillin) I was prescribed and thought it would clear up. It didn't. I am now on year 6 of nearly constant sinus pain, pressure, headaches, dizziness, nausea and post-nasal drip. Occasionally I get so congested I can't breathe, then it will loosen up slightly. My last visit to a health clinic in December ended in another round of amoxicillin which cleared things out for 2 weeks. I could tell I was still congested but my mucous was clearer and I could breathe, so I was hopeful. Yesterday it seems to have come back, worse than before. I feel congested, although I can breathe. My mucous is bright yellow-green again, and I have had a lot of post-nasal drip which caused a sore throat last night and nausea all day today.

I really need to see a specialist, since the clinics I have gone to do not have the tools to diagnose and treat me properly and OTC medicines aren't working. Since I have no insurance and little income, I can't afford a one-time payment for a doctor. Does anyone know of an ENT practitioner in the Pittsburgh area who would take me on a payment plan, so I can get treatment right away?  If not, I will end up saving for months before I can afford the CT scan I am pretty sure I need.

Thanks for any help!
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This will probably clear out your infection, should you wish to try it, but even if it does, do go to the ENT to get checked out.


The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground.
I had an ear problem and no insurance so I paid the Dr. office to be checked out, this cost me $100 to be told I need an MRI.

  I saved and saved and saved every single penny to the point I refused dates simply because I wanted to get this ear taken care of.  Once I found out how easy it was to save $3000 my priorities changed to saving enough to take care of my teeth as well.  Later still I saved and saved and saved with a goal of having 1/2 my yearly income in my savings account.  Four weeks from this goal I lost my job and had a heart attack!  I did get some help but there's bills that only I can take care of and in two months all that money I saved will be completely gone.

  Had I known about the help I could have got back when I first started saving I would have taken it!!  Both hospitals used for the heart attack helped with the bills.  One paid 100% of the hospital stay and the surgeons bills, the other paid 80% of all costs plus the heart rehab.  Plus, because I didn't make much of a wage I qualify for Medicaid which is taking care of all the follow up visits for the heart and I just started getting the ear taken care of.

  Soon everything will be gone and I'll have a choice of either going without the heart medication and becoming homeless, or, going on welfare.  I hate the thought of welfare but after loosing everything I don't care anymore!

  So, For medical care, see if the hospital can help out.  If not, don't be afraid to see what the state or federal gov. can do for you.  Don't let even the small medical things go without being checked out for long, it can come back to bite you.
Your story is heart -wrenching (no pun intended) - thank you for sharing! Pittsburgh is home to the UPMC hospital complex which is well known for good care but I had been afraid of going there because I didn't know if they'd help with the cost. I am working to save money (taking little bits out when I can) but we are living with little to no extra money in the account at the end of each month so it's a long process. I had already applied for care through the gov't but we are not eligible for Medicaid because we have too many assets (even though we ARE eligible for food stamps, based on the same data...).

Tomorrow I will call my local clinic and get a recommendation to bring to the hospital. They cost $10/visit so I can afford another "checkup" with them, and can then go to the specialist with medical history from the clinic. Hopefully the hospital here will help the same way yours did and I will be able to take care of this!

friggy: I'll check out the sinus flush. I was considering a Neti pot, but if your method doesn't involve buying the pot I might as well try it first! Thank you for the link :)
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