What are these small white-green foul smelling particles that come back up my throat?
by QUEENB1986, Jun 20, 2010
I have had this weird problem for over 12yrs. These small to medium sized white-green particles of "digested food" will come back up out of my throat. It's not vomit, and I don't have the urge to vomit. When I smell them they smell AWFUL! They can also be easily smushed, and nothing is in them. They are just small pieces of smushed whatever. I CAN'T MAKE IT STOP! WHAT ARE THEY?!
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by OHNS2010, Jun 21, 2010

   These particles coming up into the throat is because of a condition called reflux oesophagitis, Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol/fizzy drinks/coffee/tea/smoking for few days. Try taking proton pump inhibitors (like Esomeprazole) half hour before food.

by ENTMD, Jun 21, 2010
I very much doubt that this is reflux disease.  I think it is much more likely that you are describing tonsilloliths.  These are collections of debris that form within the many "pockets" that are in most normal tonsils.  They are a collection of dead tissue and bacteria, which is why they smell so awful.  Some have had success with gargles, some simply pick them out manually.  For others, the severity has prompted them to consider tonsillectomy.  
by Londres70, Jun 21, 2010
Totally agree with ENTMD.  Sounds like tonsilloliths or tonsil stones.  I get them from time to time.  And yes, THEY SMELL.  
by Zodge302, Sep 01, 2010
Hi there, I've experienced this for 3 years now and they come and go many times through the year. I get them quite a lot, they are nicknamed tonsil stones and I find I get them more when Im stressed.
They are harmless but quite annoying and can leave a horrible taste in the back of your throat. They can be quite difficult to remove yourself if you have a sensitive gag reflex, but if youre like me then you'l have no trouble.
They are easy to remove with cotton wool buds, just shine a torch down your throat and apply pressure where you can see them and they just pop out. There are many holes in tonsils so can be tricky at times. Just make sure you brush your teeth really well and more importantly the back of your tongue. Because these "tonsil stones" are built up of bacteria. Hope I've helped.
by sunshine33126, Dec 08, 2010
I'm having the same problem with the "Tosilloliths".  What is the best way to avoid the acccumulation of debris in the tonsil?  It is becoming a problem for my selfsteem due the awful smell.  I've noticed that when I talk to people they put this face like something bothers them.  I feel insecure about my oral hygiene.  Help please!

by jennifer104, Jan 16, 2012
I have suffered from the same thing for 12 years now too. I think that these are tonsiliths or tonsil stones. My concern is that these are coming from bacteria, and to get rid of them obviously we need to get rid of the bacteria. It's one thing to do a tonsilectomy, but we have tonsils the whole way down our throats and I've heard that if you have a tonsilectomy you can still get these further down your throat. The solution is to get rid of the bacteria. Does anyone know why they have the bacteria in their throats in the first place? There are some very harmful bacterias out there ... we should really be trying to find a solution to that! I sometimes sleep and wake up with something stuck in my throat or it simply drops into my mouth. It's terrible. There is thick mucous in my throat too. The job of the muscous membranes is to secrete mucous to traps particlies so that they don't end up in our airways ... my mucous membranes are working overtime and I find this situation pretty depressing as I've not found a solution for it yet!
by consous1, Dec 10, 2012
I keep caughing up some little white particles they carry a nasty smell  there will be times my throat is very  dry, when I  smell them they  carry a bad  odor  what can I  do to  stop it.
by gnet11, Nov 13, 2013
I too have had this problem for a couple of years now. I don't know if its a medical condition or what but I eat rice often and believe those small white particles are just partially digested rice particles that get stuck in your throat and thats what's creating the bad smell. I'm going to experiment and stop eating rice for while and see it my breath's freshness improves. I brush 2-3 times a day and floss daily so I can't see why I would be suffering from bad breath.
by devsteve, Feb 10, 2014
i too have this same kind  of problem moreover sometimes when i am sleeping ,it suddenly started coughing and  i can't  able to breath properly  for sometime .when i eat something i feel burning ,i get these  food particles .
is this esophegus problem ??