cold sensation in throat when breathing
by paramormon, Oct 03, 2009
For about a week and a half I have been having a weird sensation in my throat when I inhale and exhale. It's somewhat like when you breathe in really cold air when outside. It doesn't hurt, it's mostly just an annoying feeling. Any ideas?
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by mw10, Mar 03, 2010
I have had this same sensation for about 3 weeks.  I breathed in a strong synthetic fragrance and notice it around this time.  However I also made some changes to my home at the same time like non-toxic cleaning products, non-toxic soaps/shampoos, new toothpaste, etc.  I went to my GP and told him about accidentally breathing in a fragrance (i cleaned an old bottle and thought the smell was gone) and he said it's more than likely a slight chemical burn.  He listened to my lungs and I did a breathing test and passed with great numbers, so he said I have not caused any permanent damage and to give it a few weeks to heal.  Well it's already been around 3 and nothing has improved.  It doesn't hurt when I breathe, but it's extremely annoying to feel this constant cold air sensation in my chest/throat/nasal areas

I have read on some other forums that this sensation is associated with heartburn/GERD but I don't have symptoms for those ailments so I don't see how I could be suffering from that.

Has your condition improved?
by dani_a, Oct 16, 2011
How long before your condition improved?
I have the same cold sensation in the back of my throat. It's been there for 5 days and is nothing painful, just strange. I'm seeing these complaints all over the internet but no follow up on if and when it went away. Or what it was.

by steeterwav, Oct 16, 2011
Actually the feeling I've had in my throat for three weeks that I described in my thread is pretty much like what you're describing: it's a cold sensation when breathing, like I would feel if out walking or running in cold weather. Kind of a cold 'burn'. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. My other symptoms are: feeling of pulse in throat (this could be anxiety), nasal congestion, clearing throat, etc.
by Thrillhill, Mar 03, 2012
I'm having the same cold sensation when I breath , Any answers about this condition. Please help
by Bandaid64, Feb 12, 2013
I currently am experiencing the same thing you describe.  Worse when I lay down and uncomfortable.  Having trouble sleeping now too.  Anyone get a final diagnosis?
by MatthewG1988, Feb 13, 2013
Im no doctor but i have the same thing and mine is caused by acid reflux ive been suffering with it for the past 2 and a half months although its very slowly getting better.

Try putting something under the mattress so you sleep in an elevated position so the acid doesint get to your throat and make sure you dont eat three hours before going to bed.

For the day avoid acidy/fatty foods, have a bland diet etc until you get better.
by JonniePete, Sep 30, 2014
I have the same feeling...for about 2.5 weeks now. One side of my windpipe like a 'cold burning' feeling ..mostly when I exhale. No problems with breathing. I do have congestion in sinuses and when I awake in the morning, sneeze alot...blow my nose alot. Late in the day it seems to subside to the point I think it's gone..then the next morning it starts all over again.