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ct scan on neck and chest !
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ct scan on neck and chest !

Hi guys , u do a great job here , im 29 m smoker

I had a ct scan on my neck and chest yesterday and got the result today , i really cant understand whats written on the report well !! Is it camcer :( please help me understand it , thanks
1 : neck findings -
At the site of the marker applied at the left aspect of the neck revealed no underlying patholoogical swellings .
A: Normal ct appearance of both valeculae , pyriform fossae and aryepigolottic folds.
Patent nasopharyngeal and oro-pharyngeal air column.
B: No abnormal soft tissue masses seen.
C: Few bilateral deep cervical as well as bilateral submandibuler lymph nodes are noted , the largest seen at the right submandibular region measuring 15mm.
D: Normal ct appearance of the parotid and submandibular salivary glands.
E: Normal appearance of the thyroid gland.
F: Normal appearancw or the carotid sheath and its contents.
Opinion : unremarkable CT study of the neck.
Im concerned about point ( C )

Heres my CT chest scan report :
2: chest finding :
A: clear both lungs fields and costo-diaphragmatic recesses , no pulmonary masses , nodules , cavitation or bronchiectatic changes seen .
B: no pleural or pericardial sac collection.
C: few small retrocaval and pervascular lymph nodes are noted , however no CT evidence of pathologically enlarged hilar or mediastinal lymph nodes .
D: normal CT appearance of the heart and great vessels.
E: CT sections of the upper abdomen are unremarkable
Opinion :
Unremarkable CT study of the chest .
Im concerned about point ( C ) as well

What do u think guys ?! Do i have serious issues ?!
Please help me ..

Thanks :)
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Avatar dr f tn
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. But the lymph glands need to be enlarged above 1 cm for them to be considered significant. There is single gland measuring 15 mm, this could be due to a local cause like a throat infection. You can continue to palpate these nodes in the neck at intervals. If they are increasing in size or if you develop pain then follow up with your doctor. For now wait and watch.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn
Thanks dr for ur kind reply ! And sorry for being late responding to it .

I went to 3 drs and they said that im fine and have nothing to worry about ! And just to be sure i have 2 options either to have a biopsy for that enlarged lymph node or wait couple of months and do another CT scan to see if its still have the same size and shape or not and will take it from there !

The strange thing is that my neck really hurts nowadays :( and i can feel the enlarged lymph and its on the lest side of my neck where they had to put a mark on my neck to exam it well as it said at the beginig of the report i posted earlier !

The right side is fine and nothing hurts me !!

So what do u think ! ?
Should i go for the biopsy or wait couple of months and have another CT scan ?!

One of the drs said it better to do ( sonar scan ) ( im not sure of the name in engliah but i believe its kind of ultra sound scan ) as it shows the shape of the node and they can tell if its normal enlarged or if it needs to be taken out !

Thanks again for ur time. :)
Avatar dr f tn
Hello and hope you are doing well.

As I understand you have the enlarged lymph node on the right side and now you have the pain on the left side. Next you could see if any of the draining areas have any evidence of infection, like tonsils, the skin, tooth abscess or an ear infection. Infections like tuberculosis can cause lymphadenopathy.  It would be worthwhile to see if other lymph groups are enlarged namely, axilla and groin, these can be palpated. Also correlate with blood counts, this could lead to further analysis. Based on the findings you can decide for a biopsy. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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