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nerve damage in the ear
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nerve damage in the ear

I have had ear problems since i was a young boy. Over the last four years my left ear har got progressively worse. I always had bad hearing in my left ear. I train in martial arts which seens to agrivate it. recently the symptons have got worse and the ear specialists say they cant see anything wrong. when i sneeze or cough, i get a kind of pressure pain in my left ear. sometimes when i train, i seem to trigger something, and the symptoms get worse. I cant skip due to a pressure like pain in my left ear, i feel dizzy and sick when im walking, i get pins and needles behind my left ear when i sneeze cough or raise my voice. and i get a strange sensation that i canot explain when i turn my head left and right. When triggered the sensations last about a week. But there always a slight perssure pain when i cough or sneeze. i would appricate any input you can give me. i have saw ear specialists for the past 3 years and they say they cant see anything wrong. and have advised me to stop training and fighting. but i training makes me happy and really dont want to stop it. They say it might be nerve damage but cant be sure. Any input would be nice, thanks.
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Sounds to me like an obvious nerve problem but what/when/how?
Could have been born w/ a nerve problem to inner ear & got
worse as you aged. Coughing pulls on throat & eustachin tubes
are there. They go over to middle ear to equalize pressure. The
outer window is tympanic to release air. The other window is
at inner ear & can only annoy it by ringing/tinnitis/cause
pressure by inflammation. After many yrs, this becomes less
patent or stiff. Other condition could be nerves in throat
to glossopharyneal. Can be problem from birth re: it's autonomic
function. Swallowing pulls this & can affect ear. I agree, it's
nothing they can see but can be tested. Wear ear protection &
be better than other guy! Get appt to Neuro-Otologist. an ABR
can test nerve to brain function & a test for reflex-time can
maybe tell something. They may order a special mri to check for
bone injury in inner ear compartment. You may need sparring-
gear for practice even though it may not look as cool. What would you have if good ear got injured? Yrs ago I played
competition tennis. Loved it & at top of game, rotator went. I
was told to stop. I didn't & now years later there are days I
can't reach up w/o pain. I took up skiing but still have the
racket for memories. Get to a higher MD. Maybe ask instructor?
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