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sinus/ear infection, acid reflux, dry mouth / sinuses, headaches
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sinus/ear infection, acid reflux, dry mouth / sinuses, headaches

i have a nagging problem and me and the doctors i've been involved with are at a loss. i am hoping someone might have some insight that can help. so here it goes. i apologise for the random brain dump.

my mouth and sinuses are very dry. i have zero mucus, or any other type of "buildup" you might expect. i have moderate headaches most days. i can often feel a "raw feeling" in what feels like my sinuses. i have chronic ear infections, only on the right side. i have an almost constant feeling that something is in my throat. it feels like something is running down the back of it ... again only the the right side. i also have acid reflux, which is is treated, and for which i do not presently experience direct symptoms. i also have asthma which is well controlled.

i have no idea if any of those things could be related. just thought i'd mention all of them.

the doctors i have visited seem to be at a loss. i recently had a CT scan of my sinuses. i was told i have swelling ... on one side my ethmoid (?) process is swollen shut. on the other side it was irritated. that was all that turned up.

the dr. i am seeing now is treating this as an allergic reaction. i am highly allergic, but otherwise have no symptoms. this direction doesn't feel right to me. after been on antihistamines and nasal spray and mucinex-D for a month no with no change. the next step is allergy shots. my feeling is that i should have had some relief w/ antihistamines if this was allergy related.

the same dr. previously treated me with antibiotoics for the ear infection. i was originally on clarithromycin (sp?) but it was making my mouth taste like metal, so i changed to ciproflaxin (sp?). after a run of that, my ear was the same. still infected.

is there any way they can take a sample of the inside of my sinuses, perhaps to tell if there is an infection and if so what sort of infection? if it's not infected, and just irritated, that would be good to know. or maybe there is some other irritant stuck inside there?

the other thing i was wondering is if this could be related to the acid reflux. could my reflux be getting into my sinuses / etc and irritating them?

just grabbing at straws ....

any comments or thoughts are appreciated.
i should also mention that i have a slight deviated septum. airflow is restricted on the opposite side for which i am experiencing symptoms.
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