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tinnitus dizziness
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tinnitus dizziness

I  had dizziness for about 6-7 months 2 years ago.
Then I started having tinnitus after 1 year later .

I get dizzy when I get stressed and anxious.
My tinninus is on my left ear and its volume changes according to my mood.
Time to time, it is pulsatile. My tinnitus gets worse at the end of a work day.
Laying down makes it louder and more pulsatile too.
It gets quiter without pulsatiaon after a long sleep.

I have no hearing loss or vertigo attachts.

I have been suffering from anxiety for many years. Indeed my worse dizziness 2 years ago was after a stressful and anxious time. My tinnitus started that way too.
I think I have been suffering from Generalized Anxiety disorder for at many years (even though I did threapy and use some antidepressan)

ENT doctor says this should be Meneire Disease.
Are my symptoms enough to say that it is Meneire Disease.
Could what I have be due to anxiety since dizziness and tinnitus started with peak levels of anxiety?
My dizziness reduces significantly when I keep myself relax for long time.
But the tinnitus is always there although its insensity changes.

i ozcelik

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In my opinion, sounds like Meniere's Disease.  Anxiety DOESN'T help it.  However, usually you will have some hearing loss with Meniere's, but not always.  
another information.
I had gunshots without ear protectors 3 weeks before all these started.
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