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tonsil stones/pus/bleeding/pain
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tonsil stones/pus/bleeding/pain

This will be a tad long, and I apologize now for that...

My 20-yr old son has gotten what I've recently learned was tonsil stones..was picking them out of his tonsils for YEARS!  No ENT would touch him since he never had strep throat, so he continues to live with them.

ME, on the other hand, have had sinus polyps since my 20's with serious post-nasal drip constantly. I neither smoke nor drink. In May of this year, I was hospitalized with a "mild" heart attack, in for 5 days...a week later, I noticed a large white spot on my R tonsil. Only looked because the tonsils were SO incredibly ITCHY!

Took a Q-tip and wiped, but to my surprise, a huge stone came out! Only THEN did I get on the net to find answers, learning they were "tonsil stones". Had them ever since, itchy, smelly, but easily removed until NOW.
A week ago, got very bad sore throat. Itchy tonsils like never before. Picked pockets of tiny stones out here & there, but then the bleeding started. I quit the picking & scraping, but am left with large white patches on my throat & both tonsils..my R tonsil is completely hard & white on the backside. (Have to fold it forward with a tongue depesser...yuck...sorry)
No fever, actually donated blood 3 days ago, but have wanted to sleep ever since...hard to stay awake, hard to sleep!I'm attributing all this to my tonsils.
I now have hardened/hurting salivary glands (as of today) in my right cheek just over my lower teeth.
And 'm also getting an earache in my right ear as well, coming on today like the swollen glands in my neck...

Main question/problem is this: I have NO money! Husband is bad Epileptic & we have NO income AT ALL! (Have court 9/30 for SSI for him!) Seriously, my in-laws pay our bills and we're on food stamps...
SO...I cannot go to a doctor, and there are NO "free" clinics in my area.

Does ANYONE at all think I should go to the ER? I have a feeling that w/o a fever they'll laugh and turn me away.
My husband tells me to at least try and get antibiotics, but I'm not sure.
The increasing pain kept me up all night, and all I wanna do is SLEEP!
I'm sorry for the length, but I'm at the END of this old rope here...by the way..I'm 46. When I was a kid, my mom said my pediatrician took one look inside my mouth and asked her when I had my tonsils removed...he didn't see them.
NEVER had a problem until my hospital stay in May...
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I see that no one wrote back, and that was about a year ago. I hope all is well for you. I know that financial situation is not fun. But when it comes to your health, you dont want to full around. If you go to the er, some hospitals have programs that you can be seen in the er for free for low income families. But if they dont offer that dont worry. You need to see someone and they can not turn you away. They will bill you and if you cannot pay there is nothing they can do. Honestly I have over $10,000 in hospital bills i have not paid. I myself was in a bad situation with serious health issues and you just cant fool around with that. I hope and pray you have everything figured out by now but if not please after reading this head to the nearest er and get checked out. Take you kid too. I wish you the best.
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