very small splinter in back of mouth
by needsomeinfo, Oct 08, 2008
not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this, but here goes...

The other night I noticed I had a splinter in my finger. after trying a piece of tape and not being able to find a pair of tweezers, I decided to use my teeth. I got it out of there, only to notice 15 minutes later I noticed what appears to be the splinter in the back of my mouth. Now, its not hurting or anything, but it is annoying. Is there any possible way the splinter will work its way out or should I consider a visit to the doctor to get it removed (something I'd like to avoid.)?
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by HenryNguyen32399100, Oct 17, 2014
i recently got a splinter on my upper jaw, lower jaw, and tongue while eating a cacti fruit...not sure how to remove it but your body naturally removes splinters.