white bumps inside nose
by jbrew, Jun 18, 2007
I have an issue with my nose that is a concern. I have these white bumps in my right nostril. I have no idea what caused it. I have had a cold and been blowing my nose. This isnt snot or boogers or anything. It is like the skin in my nose is kinda. Like crusty dry...and painful when i move my nose. I have no idea what did this or caused it.....any advice?
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by hun123, Jan 10, 2008
you know what i have smoe white bumps in nose - have you sued nasal sprays? i have used nasal washes - saline sprays and it is still like the white or cauliflour looking things are up there ! i blow my nose and its clear mucus when i blow! im totally confused what it is
by adnan_s, Apr 07, 2008
So did you ever figure out the white bumps inside the nose.  It  appears that my little 2 years old daughter has similar symptoms, and I'm concerned.  Wondering what your findings were.
by hun123, Apr 13, 2008
its like white bogeys stuck in nose? no clue whats going on
doc gave me bactoban cream but not helped
by venus542, Apr 03, 2010
I have some white bups on the back of my tong and nose sometimes I cough it up
they are full off smell and disgasting can someone tell me what the h.... is happening?
never had thing like that before they apeware with sore throth and coughing
by doctaatt, Jun 27, 2010
i know this is months later but those are called tonsil stones. they are caused by little pieces of food and bacteria getting stuck in/behind your tonsils. i dont know how exactly to get them out, but i have noticed that they tend to come out more often during exercise.