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Hearing loss in one ear
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Hearing loss in one ear

For the last 3 weeks, I have hearing loss in left ear (right eardrum is perforated).  I can feel fullness like water behind the eardrum.  I constantly can hear my heartbeat to the point it keeps me awake.  No pain and atibiotics (from Doctor) dont seem to work.  Hearing is diminished about 40%.  Opinion??  
                                          Thank you
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You need to have a full evaluation for sudden hearing loss.  This includes a history, physical exam, tuning fork testing, audiometry, and possible imaging if you have a sensorineural hearing loss.

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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Did you have your hearing tested by an audiologist? Did you see an ENT?

Sudden hearing loss should be evaluated by a specialist ASAP.

Regular doctors sometimes dismiss complaints of hearing loss as being "just fluid" or "Eustachian tube" or something harmless when in fact it can be a sensorineural loss.

So, if you haven't had a real hearing test yet and seen an ENT, do so, and don't let a PCP stand in your way!

Nancy T. (the voice of experience.... was told by PCP 9 years ago that "ears can take a long time to unplug"... I'm still waiting!)
I have Meniere's Disease and was diagnosed last year. The 2nd ENT specialist I went to ordered a brain scan MRI which I had 2 weeks ago to rule out a tumor. I have called their office 2x and left one message but have not heard back. I have 40% hearing loss in my right ear and sometimes get vertigo, but not too bad..just a little dizzy.......but then I am a blonde :-D  I have excruciating pain at the base of my skull from ear to ear, so I am thinking *Brain Tumor* as I've had this pain in my neck, which radiates down to my buttocks and sciatica for well over a year. Sometimes the pain is so severe I am in tears literally, and it is all connected>base of skull....lower back/buttocks....sciatica (left leg mainly). I guess I'm wondering why no one has mentioned Meniere's Disease as this is common with any aural fullness, inner ear problems, tinnitus, & vertigo. I am constantly pinching my nostrils together to clear my ears (like in a plane) and I do this hundreds of times each day at about every 15-20 seconds. I am oh SO tired of this, but don't know what else to do. Does anyone else here in this forum ever experience having to pinch your nostrils all the time to clear your ears to hear??
AND....what doctor said, *Ears can take a long time to unplug*?????? They don't unplug, we just get hearing aides.
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