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Abdominal Pain in the right side of the belly-button right above the be...
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Abdominal Pain in the right side of the belly-button right above the belt line

Abdominal Pain in the right side of the belly-button, right above the belt line (right under the appendix, though my appendix was taken out years ago). It's been lasting for the last 5-7 months. I took blood-tests, after 12 hours of fast, and had high uric-acid value. I tried again without a fast and it was normal this time. the next tests were:
abdominal ultrasound,
faeces sample,
sensitivity to lactose
celiac (blood test)

all were normal and OK. but the pain lasts. apart from the pain, i am alternately having constipation (2-5 days) and diarrhea right after (again and again, all the time since the beginning).

I tried drinking plum juice for a while, and also taking diatary fibers as a food additive, but it didn't help.

the feeling is like I have a lot of liquid in the belly, especially where I described at the beginning (right bottom side of belly). it also sounds like a lot of liquid when I press there.

I'd like to hear some advice on what it can be or how it can be treated.

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This is an eating disorder forum. I would try posting on stomach issues or a similar forum. I suggest also seeing your doctor or a gastroenterologist regarding this problem.
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